Curious Encounter

My dear friend, Linda, has a really cool cat named Daisy.  Now you all know that I have a dog named Daisy, so what do they have in common?  After all, one’s a feline and one’s a canine.  What they have in common is that they have both been rescued in some way and are very loved.

Daisy was checking out my suitcase while I was at Linda’s.  She is so cute and so curious.  And for being a stranger to her, she was very sweet and loving to me.  Namaste’

And the photo below was sent to me from my dear friend in Ojai.  I love what it depicts and the message is so perfect:



    1. My, my. You’re up early, friend. Thanks for your comment. I think it’s true but had never seen his quote before. I love it! Hope all is well with you and yours. We’re getting ready to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. I have a lot to be grateful for.


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