For Two Reasons

It seemed appropriate to post this picture today.  I took it while at a friend’s house.  Yes, Linda, you’ll recognize it from your coffee table.

This is also for a blogger friend of mine (and you know who you are).  We both have been feeling the pinch of the holiday stress, so here’s to us.  It also reflects how I feel about WordPress right now.  I used to get emails when someone whose blog I am following puts up a new post.  Not any more.  What happened?  Has anybody else out there in the blogosphere experienced this?

I’m trying to remain calm about it.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

9 thoughts on “For Two Reasons”

  1. YES! I thought it was something I did, good to know there is someone at WP that needs choking. And YES, I am ready for Christmas to be over because I don’t like what it has become. I need to do a massive overhaul of my Christmas celebration, I was too busy to do it this year, but next year, watch out!


  2. Gina also suffering from intermittent notifications… went to my reader and clicked on edit list… found the name and either changed the Get new posts by email setting to “never” and then back to “immediate”, or found it had changed itself to “never” and changed it to “immediate”…. I had it on one occassion that on opening my emails there were no notifications… (I receive about a 100 a day) I thought you had all abandoned me, went to the reader and found WP had reset all setting to “never” had to start all over again changing settings… Somehow I picture this sign nailed to zannyro’s forehead… only kidding .. she’s a laugh a minute how could she suffer from stress??


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