Unfurl the Sails

This is one of the photos I took while on my trip … still catching up.  This one is of San Francisco Bay with Marin County in the background.  I soooooo love it there.  Unfurl your sails and catch the winds of love.  December begins tomorrow. Big changes coming. Namaste’



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  1. I have been sailing on the Bay many, many times. Cold, but beautiful. Nice pics.


    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s easy to love that place. And yes, it’s cold most of the time.


  2. Gigi says:

    Oh my that water is so blue it doesn’t look real. It’s just stunning.


    1. It was truly a gorgeous day on the Bay. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for your comment, Gigi.


    1. Thanks so much. I truly love San Francisco. I think I might have lived there in a previous life 🙂


  3. What a beautiful picture. It has such a calming affect to it.
    It makes me feel very peaceful.


    1. Good! Peaceful and calm are good feelings to have. I was at a great vantage point to get this shot.


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