The Council

So I asked myself as I was walking through the grocery store parking lot, “What could I do with a photo of these birds?”  The whole rest of the day I searched for another something to photograph but nothing showed up on my radar.  So I decided to work with what I had.  I call it The Council because they all look like they’re having a meeting up there.  All I did was change the threshold in post processing slightly to give it a little punctuation.  Namaste’



5 Comments Add yours

  1. This picture reminds me of the movie the birds, with Alfred Htichcock.
    That was a scary movie,


    1. That WAS a scary movie. I spend some time out there by Bodega Bay where it was filmed. Creepy.


  2. Kay Rolfe says:

    Looks like congress.


    1. That’s what I thought. Glad you said it 🙂


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    a meeting of the clan… love it..


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