Jonathan, Is That You?

Remember the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach?  I loved that book; such a timeless classic.  While on my trip recently I caught this seagull from a distance.  Many people think these birds are simply scavengers and they are, but they also have something about them that made Mr. Bach write a book.  Hmmm.

Another subject altogether — while on our nightly walk with the dogs, I managed to trip over Foxy and fall down hitting both of my knees on a very sharp curb.  I am happy to report that nothing is broken and I feel particularly blessed to be able to say that.  Walking is a bit of an ouch right now but I’ll survive.

In case you’re one to read my blog posts at my blog and not in email, you’ll notice it’s snowing on my blog.  Just a little wishful thinking.  We rarely get snow here.  Word Press gives their bloggers this feature every Christmas.  I kind of like it; some think it’s corny.  I don’t.  You’ll also notice I have the countdown going on the right side if you scroll down some.  Getting closer 🙂 Namaste’




Author: Regina

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10 thoughts on “Jonathan, Is That You?”

  1. Well now thank you for explaining the snow.. I thought my screen was cracking up… and I’m still not sure why the count down, is that to next year?? or is that the end of the 366 project of a post a day??? I love taking photos of seagulls.. they always seem to strike a pose when you aim a camera at them…


  2. I love that book. I think I’ll read it again. Tell me how to go to your blog to see snow and the countdown. I’m computer challanged. Are you talking about December 21 the end of the world? I just realized I can see the snow but I want ot know about the countdown.


    1. When you open the email, just click the title of the post, i.e., Jonathan Is That You? That will take you to the blog itself. If not, just type in into your browser. The countdown is to the end of this year’s 366 project. And yes, I’ll keep blogging but it probably won’t be a new photo every day.


  3. P.S. Bulldog is right about the snow. I also thought something was wrong with my computer! Nice touch. I’ve only seen it snow twice in Ojai.


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