So how was your day on this 12/12/12?  A day that will never come again.  But that’s true of any day, isn’t it?  Some said that this day would bring heightened energies coming at us; all of us here on Earth.  I think I felt it in the middle of the night.  All of a sudden I was wide awake and not groggy at all.  I felt pretty good! Hmmm.

Today’s photo is all about backlight.  I love the sun going down through the trees, but then I’ve always been fond of the light in the early evening.  Something mystical about it.  Namaste’




  1. I do love the backlight either in the morning or evening for that matter any time… the old cameras did not but the digital have no problem… it just says so much more to me this photo of yours than what it would have been with the light behind you… lovely…


  2. Hi Gina,

    12/12/2012 will come again—in 100 years. Only a few alive yesterday will be alive on 12/12/ 2112. I know I’m being a wise guy, but I couldn’t resist!
    Merry Christmas


      1. Today has been hectic…..but….the fun part was putting together a little Christmas tree that I’ll take to Melvin tomorrow..Hope your day was better 🙂


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