Mele Kalikimaka

Several years ago we were in Maui for Christmas and it was just fantastic! Loved the beaches, the water, the balmy breezes, the sound of the waves lulling us to sleep at night and shopping.  But the coolest thing was that I learned how to say Merry Christmas the way the islanders do … so here’s my MELE KALIKIMAKA to  you and yours.

WS and I love to go out some evenings and get some of that self-serve frozen yogurt.  It’s so good and you can put any toppings on it that you want.  Well … there’s a new place in town owned by an islander from Hawaii.  So what did we find out in front of his shop?  Santa in a hammock under the palm trees.  Now THAT’S  my idea of a great Christmas.  Hey, Santa, is there room in that hammock for me?  LOL.





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