The Day That Time Stood Still

What if it’s true that we humans are the only life forms that experience linear time?  You don’t see birds, flowers, dogs, cats, or any other beings wearing watches, right?  And none of them have electronic devices to measure time.  They all live in the NOW.  This year I’m trying more and more to do that.  To be more conscious of where I am and what I’m doing, rather than doing things by rote.  I’m also trying to remember to just breathe in the moment of now.

I took this photo at a jewelry repair store here in town while WS was getting his watch repaired, and I thought it was pretty unique what the owner did with all of these “dead” watch faces.  The picture only shows a small portion of the entire wall.  Namaste’


  1. Great photo… I just wonder if birds and animals don’t have built in watches.. something a bit more complicated to those we look at.. they all seem to know when the sun should rise and when it is going to set, and that is come summer or winter.. or do you think they just observe their time by the suns movement…?,… I just wonder that’s all…


  2. Perhaps that is how I have been living all along. Considering I am usually a late bird. Not wearing a watch was helpful as well. Love the photo.


  3. This is the first time I see your blog and I ofund it pretty interesting; I liked this post a lot, you made me think about different things.
    I like the photo as well.
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts.


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