Therapy and the Oscars

I consider today’s photo to be a form of therapy for me.  This was taken on one of our trips to a nursery and I just loved these orchids.

Why do I need therapy?  Because I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to find answers about a life situation I find myself immersed in.  Both my mother and stepfather are close to 90 and in extremely frail condition.  My stepfather is still in a nursing home, since Dec. 5 of last year and no improvement in sight.  And then there’s Mom, whose memory is decreasing daily.

While watching a special about Robin Roberts, the GMA anchor who just underwent a bone marrow transplant, I picked up on something she said.  Her mother told her to “make her mess her message.”  The mess being her second bout with cancer and the message being that her faith, family and friends brought her through it.  I guess when you get right down to it, those three things are most important in all aspects of our lives.  I have all three.  I’m blessed in that.  And I’m positive the answers will come for me and my parents … somehow, some way.  They just will.  I trust in God for that. After writing this, I am reminded of something else that is true for me.  I don’t always have to know the “how”; just have faith in a positive outcome … for the highest and best of ALL concerned.

As for the Oscars – the Academy Awards – I don’t watch them.  I just can’t give my time and energy to something so stupid.  For the cost of only a single piece of the jewelry the celebrities wear or the cost of one couture gown, many of this nation’s hungry and homeless children could be fed.  Think about it.  Namaste’

02.24.13.orchidOrchids with a Soft Pencil effect

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others who are in the grieving process.

5 thoughts on “Therapy and the Oscars”

  1. Oh Gina.. how sad about your parents.. but God will give you the strength and guidance you will require, of that I’m sure…
    The Oscars I couldn’t agree with you more… if one took all the money spent at them, as well as all the goodie bags reputed to be worth $45 000 each and put it all in one account.. you could probably feed the homeless and hungry children for quite a long time… We do not watch it as it has a certain falseness to the whole thing… I know such things apparently do good for the films mentioned… but it still comes down to ones own likes… I don’t go rushing off to watch a film that has won an Oscar… I watch because it is something I might enjoy…


  2. I feel for you sista. I have been where you are and I’m glad I don’t have to do it again. When we are young we know our Grandparents are old and will die but no one told us our parents would get old and frail and finally pass.

    I worshiped my parents but I am glad they are gone because no body should have to go through that experience twice. My prayers and white light for strength are with you.

    The orchid picture is beautiful.

    Love, Ojai


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