An Ending and a Beginning

As many of you know, my stepdad, Bud, has been very ill and was in a nursing facility for quite some time.  A week ago yesterday we managed to get him out of there with the help of hospice.  The same hospice that took care of my brother when he passed a few years ago. I simple can’t say enough about how wonderful and caring they are.

Bud passed yesterday after a valiant fight to “come back.”  His daughter, one of his sons, one of his granddaughters, my mom and me were by his side. It was very hard to watch him waste away and I don’t want that picture of his last days and hours to stay in my mind.  So I’m posting this one that I took of him a couple of years ago, before he started to decline.

Bud had a fabulously critical, mathematical mind, being an engineer and all.  He traveled to some really cool places like Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and England during his career, performing complete estimates on what it would cost to build cement plants in those places.  I can remember how thrilled he would be when he got back and would later get the news that his bid won the contract for his employer.  He was an avid fisherman and golfer in his younger years, a really good cook and gardener (he grew the best tomatoes this side of the moon) and a wonderful “step-grandpa” for my kids.  Their paternal grandfather was killed in a car accident when my son was two weeks old.  And my father had another life and geographical distance.  So Buddy stepped up to the plate in so many ways for me and my kids.

My mom and him were married for 51 years.  He will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace, Buddy.  I hope you’ve found the ultimate peaceful lake for fishing somewhere on the other side.  Namaste’

Sept. 23, 1923 - March 9, 2013
09.23.1923 – 03.09.2013




Author: Regina

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5 thoughts on “An Ending and a Beginning”

  1. Gina, your beautifully writtern tribute to Bud was so nice. So many things
    we never knew about him, because he was always so quiet when he was around
    us. All of our love to you and the family, with our deepest sympathy.


  2. My heart is breaking for you and your Mom. Hold each other tight right now.

    I wish there was something I could say or do to dispel the sadness in which you are now enveloped. But nothing can be said or done to comfort you. It’s impossible to feel another’s pain. The best someone can do is empathize. I hope that time passes quickly and the edge of sadness is blunted so that you will be left with only the happy memories of your times together.

    What a beautiful tribute. RIP

    Love, Kay


  3. Such a loving tribute….I’m so sorry for your loss and for the loss for the rest of your family…It says a lot about you and a lot about him, that you felt moved to write this about him and to share his picture. I wish you brighter days ahead and send love to all of you.


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