Just a short post today to express my thanks to all of you who made such loving comments. Your thoughts and positive energy will contribute immensely to the days ahead. The tasks begin of dealing with the logistics of moving Mom to a smaller place, and of course the paperwork involved when someone passes. God, give me the strength and grace I’m gonna need for all this! I’m not gettin’ any younger, ‘ya know!!!! Namaste’


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  1. Kay Rolfe says:

    My Grandmother always said, “You can do anything if you have to”. You can and you will. Sending white light.


    1. Thanks for that, dear one. I’ll take all the light I can get. Just really tired right now I guess 😦


  2. Shutterbug Sage says:

    Dear Gina, I’m woefully behind on my blog e-mail and am just now reading your recent posts. I’m terribly sorry for your family’s loss. I will be thinking of you all.


    1. Thanks, dear one. You’re so kind 🙂


  3. niasunset says:

    I am sorry too… my heart with you dear Regina.


    1. Thanks so much, Nia. I’m trying to keep up with everybody’s blogs but it’s next to impossible. Yikes!


  4. zannyro says:

    You can do it girl! Just keep hanging on……thinking of you and sending you strength.


    1. Thanks, Miss Z. I appreciate your confidence in me 🙂 I hope to be back to taking pictures and blogging again really soon.


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