My Blog is Pro-God


With all the hoopla about the atheists having their own monument next to the 10 Commandments, I just wanted to say something.  I really don’t care that there are all kinds of religions, all kinds of people who believe in God or not, or all kinds of people who are neutral.  In my book, it’s all OK.

We are all created by the same Creator and my personal belief is that is God.  And I also believe God gave all of us free will.  And, well, that’s what has gotten us into trouble sometimes.  And then other times, we have chosen to do the right thing, help one another, forgive, and share what we have.

So, in the spirit of all that, if you don’t believe in God, then you probably won’t want to watch this video.  Namaste’


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  1. bulldog says:

    Oh how beautiful a video.. what a fantastic share.. this post will be placed in my special file so I can keep going back when I need that little reminder of the lessons of life… magnificent Gina… this has made my day… and what beautiful scenery they used for the video…wow, definitely depicts the beauty of Gods creation…


  2. Kay Rolfe says:

    If I did not know you well I would start to suspect that you are starting to sound like a Christian.


  3. wsj2day says:

    again you place in my midst something i shall always reflect upon with gratitude, what a lovely way to start my day


  4. zannyro says:

    Thank you for this priceless message of love…..I try to ‘see’ God everyday…xoxo


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