What you can find in a Chinese restaurant besides food


The other day hubby and I decided to have some Chinese food and, since I don’t cook it :-), we thought we’d better go out.  The food is really good there … the best pot stickers around!

While waiting for our meals, I noticed the wall hangings and decided to capture some images.


This is the main wall hanging, depicting a fisherman and his young protege’


This is a side view close-up of the fisherman’s face.



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  1. bulldog says:

    Beautiful… any idea what it was made of.??


    1. Feels like acrylic; sounded hollow when I tapped it.


  2. Kay Rolfe says:

    Beautiful. I also wonder what it is made of. Looks like copper.


    1. Actually I think it’s some form of acrylic. I touched it and it sounded pretty hollow. Felt like plastic, but someone did a really good job with it.


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