It’s Good to Be Queen (well, sort of)

Do you ever wonder what your name means?  The energy behind it?  Do you wonder why your parents named you what they did?  Did you ever ask?  Well, now you can find out.

Go do a Google search for “what your name means.”  You might just be amazed and delighted.

When I asked my mom why she named me Regina, she said that it was actually my grandmother’s idea.  My dad wanted to name me Priscilla.  Mom wouldn’t have any of that because she was convinced that people would nickname me “Silly.”  Sometimes I actually live up to that – LOL.

What would be fun is to find the meaning of your name and then the meaning of the significant others in your life, like spouses, children, parents, etc.  There might be some clues there to the dynamics of relationships and the energy that drives those dynamics.  Namaste’



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  1. bulldog says:

    Off to Google mine… maybe it means King… no it does not mean king, but does mean “Famous” .. now that makes me wonder… I wonder where??


    1. You’re quite the famous blogger, that’s for sure and a King in your own right. Ask Linda what she thinks.


      1. bulldog says:

        She thinks I’m half mad, off my rocker and can’t understand the blogging world… but she says after 40 years of being married to me, she accepts anything apart from me being either a King or Famous… she says I wouldn’t know how to handle either… “too much bush in me” she says…


  2. Kay Rolfe says:

    Kay means “pure, chaste,joy” Ya right.


    1. For sure, Miss Kay, for sure 🙂


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