Rock ‘n Roll, Baby!

Someone asked me today what kind of music reminds me of my childhood.  The answer is unequivocally rock & roll.  My brother, my mother, and me all spent much more time listening to music than watching TV … ever!  There was always some kind of music being played in our house, in the car, and almost every place we went.  Back then it was 45’s and LP’s on vinyl and we played them on an old-fashioned monaural (one speaker) record player.  My brother, whom I am sure is dancing somewhere in the ethereal realms, is the one who taught me to dance.  I’ll always be grateful to him for putting music in my life.  He could tell you the name of the song, who sang it and when it was popular.  Amazing!

What kind of music reminds YOU of your childhood?  If you were a kid in the ’50’s then you’ll enjoy this video.  Even if you weren’t, you’ll most likely find your toes tapping.  So why not just get up and dance???  It’s good for the soul.  Namaste’



Author: Regina

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