Thank You, Mr. President

Any of us that are old enough to have lived when President Kennedy was murdered remember exactly where we were on that day.

I was a freshman in high school.  An all girl Catholic high school.  I was just finishing up my English class and we were all getting our homework assignments before going to lunch.  Our teacher was called from the classroom and, when she came back, she was sobbing.  Through her tears, she explained to us what had happened and I remember being in shock.  We didn’t know how to process this kind of thing.  We were the innocents; the youth of America.  And we were profoundly saddened.

John F. Kennedy was a great man and gave our country so much.  Thank you, Mr. President.

Please feel free to comment; share your memories of that day.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others who are in the grieving process.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Mr. President”

  1. I was a teenager living in Zambia, and I remember how shocked we were when we heard on the news, that John F. Kennedy had been shot. I salute you Mr. President.


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