Mug Shots


A lovely surprise came in the mail for me a while back from our friend, Anne, who lives in the City by the Bay.  She knows how much I love shooting pictures so she sent me this wonderful mug, which I absolutely love drinking coffee from.  So thanks again, Anne!

Yes, I’m a bona fide coffee drinker and no, I will never, ever change in that respect.  I do like tea, but in the morning it’s a good cup of Joe for me.  This morning I had to do some fasting blood tests, so I filled up this mug, took it with me, and as soon as the vampires took my blood and I was back in my car, I drank that glorious brown liquid.  Ha!

If any of my photographer friends want one of these, I believe these or similar ones can be found at Photojojo.  Namaste’



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Leslie Manley says:

    VERY COOL cup!!


  2. Congratulations, what a wonderful friend you have. Happy New Year!


  3. Anne Hewitt says:

    You are welcome……….I’m glad you liked it! Didn’t think you would ever care. A.



  4. bulldog says:

    I want one, but it must look like the lens I see in some bird hides… a good 2 foot long… lol


  5. kenneturner says:

    My step-daughter gave me a lens mug for my birthday. Only problem is the cover was too authentic — no drinking hole.


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