Painted Ponies

While visiting my Mom yesterday, she took me to meet a wonderful little lady who lives there in the adult care home.  There are only about nine residents in the home, so it’s a rather intimate little group.

Each person there is probably wishing they weren’t trapped in bodies that are failing them now.  It’s so sad to see them all sitting around the living room, mostly asleep in the recliners.  Some are in their rooms, but no one seems very happy.  The food is decent (nothing to write home about) and healthy, the grounds outside are lovely, and the staff is very helpful and pleasant.

But back to the lovely lady that Mom introduced me to.  She has a shelf in her room with these painted ponies and she adores them.  She was thrilled when I asked her if I could photograph them.  All I had with me was my phone but it was enough to make her feel good.  Sometimes it’s the smallest of things we can provide for someone else to make them smile.

Live every day to the fullest … Namaste’



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others who are in the grieving process.

6 thoughts on “Painted Ponies”

  1. I find this quite sad… I visited an old family friend in one such home, no one seemed the least bit happy, even to the extent that when one tried to converse with them it was an effort for them to cheer up… felt a bit like God’s waiting room… Please God keep me from one of those…


  2. Regina, at first I wondered why that would make her so happy and then I realized that by showing an interest in something meaningful to her, you showed an interest in HER. You communicated to her that she MATTERS.


  3. Thank you!  When I was caring for my dad, it was a similar situation as your mom has.  Lovely, but sad.

    Love, A.


  4. Good to hear your Mom has befriended someone. That is really good news.
    Today’s phones with cameras really do take good pictures And you are right, the horses are lovely. And how nice of you to take a photo without knowing you were going to make her smile 😃.
    Good job my friend.


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