Just for the Whimsy

OK, all you detectives out there.  What are the little “things” in this photo?  Shouldn’t be too difficult for you.  I’m not mean, after all, but I purposely didn’t tag it with any “clues.”  Have fun and let me know what you see.  Namaste’




  1. Regina, this is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Do you have many birds? or did you photograph one bird and go through the incredibly pain-staking process of putting the images together into this one extraordinary photograph? Well done, however you did it. I hope you hang onto this one.


    1. Thanks, Ramona. It’s actually an image of turkey vultures in Bisbee that I took against a blue sky and then I added in the ribbons. Some of them look gold because the sun was casting light on them. I used a program called Smart Photo Editor for this one.


  2. You are such a trickster Gina. My guess is a variety of colored wire ribbons. And it doesn’t if I wrong, your photo take is great. 👍


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