On our way back from walking Daisy, hubby discovered a few new things in the front yard.  Growing out from under our Lantana plant were some really cool mushrooms.  We’ve had some rain lately and these cool fungi decided to sprout up rather quickly.  They weren’t there yesterday. Wow! Mother Nature can certainly be persistent. Namaste’



Regina (Reggie) Arnold is the author of Uncomplicated Ways to Find Your Financial Freedom, a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist,  and photo blogger.

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others who are in the grieving process.

8 thoughts on “Shrooms!”

    1. I know, right? But there they were … just for me to photograph 🙂 Hope you are doing well, my friend. I just posted some Twitter tips on my other blog: Could be helpful for you and your business.


  1. Hi, Gorgeous and interesting!………not sure you should eat them however!?  Oh, you would not want to see SF now!!!  It is truly heartbreaking …….everything is brown; not a green thing around!  With this drought, all the lawns have gone brown + plants + + +  And, the “water police” are everywhere!  The only green space is artificial turf and if you are caught with anything green, watering, you can be fined HUGE!  $500 to even $1,000/day if caught watering anything.  It is so sad to drive around and see this……’s always been so lovely.  Most certainly not now.

    What a fabulous biz opportunity………IF it is a “rainy” season coming up on the Holidays and 2015!  (And, I personally feel we will have a very rainy 2015)………….landscapers who can install a yard, grass, or even false turf !!  come to SF!

    It has been so hot here, that I began buying water a couple of months ago, which I rarely do.  When it gets hot in SF, I think earthquake!  Yep, and it has been unusually hot in Napa lately.  I certainly felt it, woke me up and the cats were freaking.  It was so bad, out of a sound sleep, I bolted out of bed for cover.  Seen this one before in 1989.  No damage here in SF, but it surely was felt. 

    And the City spent millions +++ to put in this special grass on Sunset Blvd. (next to me)………..all dead and brown….everything is dead.  Truly sad.

    You know the saying…….”..don’t eat the poison mushrooms!”

    Love, Anne


    1. Things will be coming back to life soon, dear Anne, in more ways than one. Glad all is well in SF as far as that earthquake goes. I was in Walnut Creek when the ’89 one hit. My brother had just crossed the Bay Bridge. Scary stuff!


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