Have You Seen My Ball?

Since it’s Throwback Thursday I thought I’d post this picture of Daisy (taken last year) with her favorite orange ball.  It moved with us all the way to Oregon and now it’s missing. And believe me, we’ve looked in every nook and cranny inside and outside. She has plenty of other balls and toys, but none that she loves so much as this one. So let’s all call up the canine angels and put out an APB on her favorite ball.  Thanks in advance 🙂 Namaste’


Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

8 thoughts on “Have You Seen My Ball?”

  1. Muffie has the same problem on a daily basis. How can a dog that loves something so much let it get away? We look behind drapes, legs of dressers, between cracks in sofa pillows . . . I really think it’s her craving for attention. She will follow us around the house whenever we have an APB out for the AWOL Kong ball. When we find it she snaps it up and runs to another room. Boy, do I dislike that with the intensity of 10,000 white hot lava spewing volcanoes!


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