Who is Regina?

My name is Regina, but I also answer to Gina and various other nicknames. I’m an entrepreneur with several passions in life … family, friends, photography, writing, and showing people how to feel better and live better. I’m just about ready to publish my first novel and working on my second one. I think I’m addicted. LOL!

I’m also proud to be “owned” by a loving rescued Border Collie mix named Daisy.

When I started this blog in 2011, it was just for fun, but it has since evolved into a platform to share life through my thoughts and images. Time goes so fast and life can come to a screeching halt at any moment.

It’s my hope that my children and future generations will know that I was passionate about things of the heart, and use some of my messages to enhance their lives, feed their spirit, and hopefully inspire others.

24 thoughts on “Who is Regina?”

  1. Gina, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Check it out: http://monahoward.com/2012/03/25/kreativ-blogger/

    When I wrote this, I forgot to include directions: 1) Include the image of the award on your post, 2) acknowledge the person who nominated you & link back to his/her blog, 3) write a list of things about yourself [usually it’s 7], 4) nominate 7 or more bloggers.


  2. Hi Gina! I just wanted to thank you again for nominating for the Heart On Fire Award….I wanted to let you know that as there was no picture to go with the award…I created one…if you visit my blog, you’ll see that it’s there on the left…please use it if you’d like πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Joanna. I hope you enjoy my adventures. I have a lot of fun with my camera and my crazy mind sometimes, especially today πŸ™‚ I’m heading over to your blog right now. Be well and thanks for the Follow.


    1. Dan, I truly am honored and grateful. Like you, I tend to get lost in these things, so please don’t be offended if I don’t follow through. Lots going on and not enough time. But I truly enjoyed learning more about you and thanks again for the One Lovely Blog Award. Be well and stay blessed.


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