Fat Flush Water

I found this recipe on Facebook for something called Fat Flush Water.  I tried it the other day and personally, unless you are absolutely crazy about mint, I would eliminate it.  So today I made it without the mint and it tastes great.  If you like it sweeter, just add a packet of Stevia to your glass.  Want the recipe?  See below the photo.

Fat Flush Water

Recipe (body flush and detox water):

One cucumber, one lemon, one or two oranges, two limes and a bunch of mint (only if you like the taste of mint)

Slice them all and divide the ingredients between four 24 oz. water bottles (I used a gallon (glass) jug for all of it, as you can see in the photo), and fill it up with filtered water.  Drink daily!  This tastes delicious, helps flush fat and counts toward your daily water intake.

Lemons:  Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium; cuts down your craving for sweets.

Cucumber:  Acts as a diuretic and flushes fat cells.  It is alkalizing to the body and if you have an alkaline body, it is difficult for disease to thrive.  Cucumber also increases your energy level.

Lime:  Promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Mint:  A natural appetite suppressant that also aids in digestion.

To your good health!  Namaste’

I’m in Trouble Now …

Just as I headed home today, looking for something that would make a good Tuesday photo, I came across something new … brand new.  Taco Bell … and it’s fairly close to my house.  Uh-oh, is their menu on my low-carb diet?  Something I’ll have to investigate.  Why?  Because I love their plain, simple, crunchy tacos.  I wish I wasn’t a fan, but alas, I am.  I could be in big trouble now. If only I can practice some restraint – LOL.

Today’s photos are of the wall that separates their drive-through and a place to sit and eat outside.  The second one is up close.  I really like what the artist did here.  Makes it inviting to sit there (when it’s not blistering hot outside).

I know you must be asking if I bought some tacos and the answer is no.  But the day isn’t over yet.  Namaste’


Sunday Soul Collage

Today’s photo is a collage of some of my faves.  Having a gazillion (OK, a slight exaggeration) photos on my computer can sometimes lend itself to some creativity, so here’s my Sunday Soul Collage.  Some of these I took long before I started the 366 project.

WS and I went out to dinner and we both blew our new eating plan all to hell.  He had Veal Piccata and I had the Chef’s special pasta, bread & butter, and a fabulous glass of Merlot …. mmm … to die for!  We won’t even talk about dessert; I’m not fessin’ up to that!  But I have to say it was good for the soul.  Back to normal eating plan tomorrow.


Blah Blah Blah

Ever had one of “those” days?  When I saw this tag this morning, I knew it was the perfect photo for how I’m feeling today.  Anybody else feeling the same way or is it just me?  I think my brain needs some chocolate 🙂  Namaste’

That Ain’t No Bull!

Yippee! Skippee!  I finally felt well enough to get out of the house today and managed to actually have some quality time when I wasn’t coughing.  I feel so blessed!  Even though there are many more spring flowers popping up everywhere, I felt like I wanted to photograph something else.  So once again, the Universe obliged. Passing by one of our favorite BBQ places, I noticed they had painted the side of the building so I just had to stop and shoot it.  Now that I look at it, I’m getting kind of hungry.  Bubb’s Grub – “That Ain’t No Bull”  Namaste’

Click Image to Enlarge

A Salute to Day 100

Wow! Little did I know when I committed to a photo a day for all of this year how fast the time would go.  Or how interesting it would become to find things to photograph and then write about them.  It’s now Day 100 and I’m still at it … only 266 days to go!  Color me more happy, more grateful, more persistent, more creative, and more aware than I was 100 days ago.  Life can be such an adventure, even in the tiniest of ways.

Today’s photo is a salute (of my favorite Merlot variety) to all of my fellow 366’ers and blog readers.  Bravo to all of you photo bloggers who have hung in there and grown through this process; sharing your hearts and souls with all of us through your photographs.   And here’s to all of my other blog readers who have cheered me on and inspired me with your comments.  I am humbled and grateful.  Cheers and Namaste.

I am in the reflection on the glass - Hello There!

And … as for my reflection on the glass, it brings to mind one of my favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac.

The Hunger Games

My sweetheart and I went to a late breakfast today and then off to see THE HUNGER GAMES.  We both thought it was a great movie.  A little scary in some parts and a bit sad in others, but overall, very good.

Today’s pics are from my camera phone in a couple of places we visited.  The java wall sculpture is in the restaurant and the skateboards are in a store that we were killing some time in before the movie started.  All in all, I ate too much today.  My rationale is that it’s a holiday weekend 🙂  Namaste.

Taken with my camera phone
About $2500 in skateboards - Yikes!


The Cheesecake Event – What to Choose!

Today you get two for the price of one.  My husband and I decided to “ditch school” and just go have some fun.  So it was off to one of our favorite restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory,  for some lunch and dessert.  Yeah, I know you’re probably asking “what happened to your low-carb eating plan?”  The answer is “not today.”

We had the best waiter who provided us with stellar service and a pleasant dining experience.  After lunch we strolled the mall, did a little shopping and stopped in at the pet store.  A great Saturday.  I guess we could have stayed home and done our weekend chores, but why?  They were still here when we got back.  It seems the chore fairy didn’t show up at our house today but life is still good.  Namaste.

The top one is Tuxedo cheesecake and the bottom one is pineapple upside-down cheesecake. Can you guess which one I chose?

The Truth About Salt

Some information I felt compelled to post today.  (Contributor data is at the bottom of the post).  The photo I took is of my own bag of pure sea salt.  This is NOT a plug for the company. It’s just that I love their customer service, simple packaging and tag lines that make me smile.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Crystal Sea Salt

Sea Salt
A nightly newscast recently carried a report on the most recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiative beginning a public campaign (propaganda) to further persuade Americans to cut back on salt.  Well, we have to remember that Americans think that salt is salt. Not so at all. Everyday salt that we consume is sodium chloride. This is a bad salt because it is processed salt. That means it is heated and the mineral value is diminished.  Ordinary table salt is highly processed. It is approximately 97.5 percent sodium chloride and 2.5 percent chemicals. It is dried at more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat greatly alters the chemical structure of natural salt.

Sea salt has about 16 percent natural minerals and trace minerals like silicon, phosphorus and vanadium. So the salt that concerns the FDA is ordinary refined table salt, which has absolutely nothing in common with unrefined natural sea salt.  The difference in health effects is great, but the FDA never differentiates between types of salt. And of course, I have never heard of the FDA warning about the danger of all sugar and sugar substitutes except stevia. The FDA impounded imports of stevia, a natural sweetener, for a while under a phony pretext. Stevia is the only sweetener that I know of that is a good substitute for sugar. Sugar is literally killing Americans. I have never heard this from the FDA.

Government Action
If a government wants to create a revolution, they can withhold salt. The British put a tax on salt in India in the 1930s and this triggered Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent revolution that finally expelled the British from India.  Natural sea salt is the elixir of life and fundamental to the biological processes:
• It is a major component of blood plasma. It carries nutrients into and out of the cells.
• It helps the lining of the blood vessels to regulate blood pressure. (It is sugar that causes high blood pressure.)
• It helps regulate the propagation of nerve impulses.
• It helps the brain send communication signals to the muscles so the body moves in a coordinated manner (sodium-potassium ion exchange).
• Very importantly, sea salt alkalizes the pH of the body, which is very important for total health.
• Adequate natural sea salt restricts your craving for fructose (sugar).

Low Salt Dangers
From the article Critical Salt Information from Unconventional Wisdom by Emma Ross: “A low-salt diet may not be so healthy after all. Defying a generation of health advice, a controversial new study concludes that the less (sea salt) people eat, the higher their risk of untimely death.  The study, led by Dr. Michael Alderman, Chairman of Epidemiology at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York and President of the American Society of Hypertension, suggests that the U.S. government should suspend its recommendation that people restrict the amount of (sea) salt they eat.  “The lower the sodium, the worse off you are.”

Salt Myths
While we have been taught that too much (sea) salt causes high blood pressure (swelling), kidney problems, heart problems, etc., the opposite is true.  We are told by the FDA that a salt-free diet is best for good health. Physicians and cardiologists in particular have brainwashed their patients against (sea) salt.  I am a heart patient with high blood pressure. I take 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with a glass of water several times a day. I have cut my blood pressure medication in half. Of course, I emphasize that you use sea salt because of its vital mineral elements.

On the other hand, everyday sodium chloride table salt is toxic and dangerous in the long-term. It causes dehydration and cellular fluid imbalance. But this sodium chloride is exactly what the FDA and your doctor recommends.

Salt Facts
During the Middle Ages, having no salt was so hazardous that criminals were often put to death by being put in a cell and deprived of salt. This caused slow, agonizing death. Two thousand years ago salt was used as money. Gold and salt had the same value. The word “salary” comes from salt. In the old days — oh, say, 60 years ago — salt was a food preservative used to cure meat. But today we refrigerate food; so, far less salt is used. All warm-blooded animals must have salt to live. We give our dogs a pinch of sea salt every time we feed them.

The human brain and spine are in a bath of salt water called CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). This salt water circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord. We all spent approximately nine months in our mother’s womb floating in salt water (amniotic fluid). Our tears are salty and we sweat salt. Ever notice your dog or cat licking your arm for the salt? Our bones are hollow in the center (marrow) where blood cells are made. The marrow has many strands of calcium salts. Salt is what makes our bones hard, not the calcium. Twenty-seven percent of the body’s salt is located in the bones. If the body requires more salt, it borrows it from the bones, making the bones thinner, softer and brittle.

High Value
Because salt minerals in their natural state are valuable, they are removed for big profits, leaving the people only toxic sodium chloride as table salt. This is the toxic and highly refined salt that the FDA wants people to consume. Of course, in its discussions, it omits any mention of natural whole sea salt. It is deceptive for the FDA to advocate salt limitation when what the agency really means is sodium chloride: We should cut out sodium chloride. It is very, very important to use sea salt and water to keep the body alkaline for total health. Sea salt neutralizes acidity. Alkalinity causes the body to hold more oxygen. Progressive accumulation of acid becomes death. Death is acid. The American diet is mostly acid.

For more information, see Water and Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira; Salt Your Way to Health by Dr. David Brownstein, M.D. Call 1-888-647-5616. About the Author: Bob Livingston is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter for 41 years. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

Have We Stopped Listening?

What an insightful teabag!  I seem to recall an old saying about having two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Maybe we need to listen more and talk less.  Did I get this message today because there’s someone I need to listen to more?  Maybe.  I don’t think there are any accidents … especially these days.

I really believe it’s true that people just want to be heard.  In the early days of my career in the staffing industry, I was with a company that took great pride in customer service.  They actually provided us with training seminars on the art of listening.  It paid off.  Whenever I encountered a client that wasn’t happy about something, I listened.  Then I fed back to them what I understood their concerns to be.  99% of the time, after they were finished talking I asked the questions, “Is there anything else?” and “What can I do to make this up to you?”  Their answer was “It’s OK.  I just wanted to get it off my chest” (or something along those lines).

Is there someone you could comfort by listening to?  Namaste.

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