Interview with God

In lieu of doing another Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share this video that I received from a friend this morning. I had seen it before but today with all that’s going on with hurricanes, fires, politics, and the world at large, it was such a profound reminder.

I believe in synchronicity … there are no accidents. This was given to me again for a reason. Enough said.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Old Baggage

It seems it’s pretty easy these days to become mired in the negativity that seems to be enveloping our planet.

I’ve heard from several sources that it’s simply the cycle of time when we and our planet are evolving … meaning that we’re breaking away from old paradigms in order to bring in the new. Is there anything “simple” about it this process? Personally, I don’t think so. 05.16.17baggageYou see, we’ve all got a lot of baggage … old issues we haven’t wanted to look at and heal, old programming from our parents who meant well but handed down the programming they received from their parents, etc. The list could go on and on and some days it sure does.

Maybe it’s time to look at that old baggage for what it really is … old baggage. Ask it what it’s trying to teach us. Once we know what it is, then maybe we can drop it and get on the train feeling a little lighter. I know that I can’t do this alone so I call on God to help me shine a light on the dark places.

I really want to leave my bags at the station. How about you?

God’s Bag

I’m really grateful for God’s Bag.  You know the one, right?  The one where you write down what’s bothering you and you’re frustrated because there’s nothing you can personally do to fix it.  So you deposit it into God’s Bag.  That way God can fix it.

(When I put something into God’s Bag, my prayer goes like this “I can’t; you can; I think I’ll let you.  And I thank you in advance for the perfect solution in your perfect timing.”  Then I surrender, and let the Big Guy take care of the mojo 🙂

If this sounds just way too simple, take heart, dear reader.  It is simple.  I didn’t say it was easy; just simple.  The hard part is that our human brain and E.G.O. (Etching God Out) have a very hard time letting go of the problem completely; getting out of God’s way.  And by the way, surrender does NOT mean weakness.

So what do you need to put into God’s Bag?  Or Box?  Or Can?  Or Envelope?  Use whatever you have handy.  God doesn’t care what the vessel looks like.  Why should you?  Namaste’



Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This weeks photo challenge is the Sea.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the sea.  Some of my best days and nights have been at the beaches of northern California.

I remember one time when I had to go to Bodega Bay to make sales calls.  It happened to be one of those grey, overcast days and I didn’t really feel like driving out there but I had to get the calls out of the way.  On the way back to my office, I pulled over at one of the beaches near Bodega and simply sat and watched the sea.  It was spectacular to watch the power of the mighty surf as she rolled in, wave after wave.

Because of the weather, there was no one else there but me and God.  Magical time; just magical.

This image is the beach in Marina Del Rey (southern CA).  The sun had already set, so all I could get was the last vestiges of light on the waves, while watching this man and his child.  I added a nostalgic effect because that’s how it felt to me. Namaste’

the sea.signed

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Happy 12th, Miss Belle!

Today is our granddaughter’s 12th birthday and I honestly can’t figure out where all the time went.  I remember vividly the night she was born, though.  Her Dad and brother had just taken off in the boat to go fishing when Mommy went into labor.  I called the neighbor at the end of the inlet in hopes he could wave them down before they got out onto the lake.  Thank God he did.  As soon as they got back we all left for the hospital and it was only a few hours later that Annabelle was born.  I have to say that watching your daughter have a baby is rather nerve-racking – at least for me.  But through the years, even though I have never lived in the same state as they do, I have been blessed to spend some beautiful moments with Annabelle and her brother.  So Happy Birthday, Miss Belle.  Grammy and Gramps love you to the moon and back!  (These are some of my favorites of her, however, I probably have about 200 more).

Southwest Angel

Over the years many of my friends and loved ones have given me angels.  Maybe they think I need all I can get 🙂  Who knows?  But I’ve kept them all.  I mean, who would even think of getting rid of an angel, right?  I believe we all have a legion of angels, God’s emissaries, who surround us 24/7.  Sometimes I even remember to thank mine for always keeping me safe.  I really should do that more often.  There have been many times in my life that I KNOW FOR SURE I was assisted by the angelic realm.  Sometimes in the disguise of human beings.  One time in the body of a sweet, grandfatherly man but that’s a story for another time.  (I promise I’ll tell you later).

Since I plan to have this blog printed and bound into a book at the end of 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to include my angels.  Some are resting (packed away in storage) and some are sprinkled around my house and outside.  Today’s photo is my Southwest Angel, who suspends herself right outside my kitchen window.  Her wings flow with the breeze and she reminds me to be grateful every day.  She’s made of straw and burlap.  I added the red chili peppers.  I think she likes them.  Namaste’

Do you believe in angels?  Were you ever helped by an angel?  I’d love to hear about your experience with angels.

A “Glad” Surprise Today

Today’s photos actually found me (don’t they all?) while having lunch with my Mom where she lives.  The dining room is very nice there … each table had a vase of fresh gladiolas and yours truly gathered each color and photographed them.  My two fav’s are below.  Click to enlarge.  Namaste’  (I wish I could paint like God does).

My second favorite

Stay Thirsty

Maya Angelou is one of my very favorite authors.  She said, “When you learn, teach.  When you get, give.”  I believe she’s right.  I, for one, am learning more than I ever imagined from my fellow bloggers.  Some teach me new recipes, some new photo techniques, and some teach special lessons for living that always seem to “show up” when I need them most.  Maybe I need to give more attention to sharing what I know to be true.  I will endeavor to do that, starting right now.  One of the things I practice daily is Ho’oponopono. If any of you are already practicing it, be sure to let me know in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s photo reminds us to stay thirsty for knowledge.  But remember to stay physically hydrated, too 🙂  Namaste’

Nerd Glasses & a T-Shirt

I barely had time today to come up with a picture.  Had to take Foxy and Daisy to the vet this morning for issues with licking their paws and causing icky blisters (allergies). Then it was off to visit my Mom, take her to do some shopping, then taking her to the nursing home to visit with my stepfather. He’s recuperating from a fall where he broke a rib. They’re both 88 and in poor shape.  God, don’t let me get that old and be in that kind of shape!  Please!

So why is Foxy wearing a t-shirt?  Because the allergies cause her to itch underneath her front legs – kind of like our armpits – and the t-shirt keeps her from causing lesions on her skin when she scratches.  I know; probably more information than you wanted to know, but if you’re a dog person like we are, you get it.  As for the glasses, well, that’s just me having a little fun with post-processing. Foxy is sure a good sport and a very good canine patient with all that we have to do to her.  Daisy is too.  I think we’re pretty blessed.


Leap into Life

Along the Path

Today’s photo is of wildflowers that forged their way into life through a crack in the pavement next to a wall. Maybe they “leaped into life.”

It seems that today, since it’s Leap Day, would be a good day to describe my leap into life.

It’s my personal belief that I chose to incarnate at this time and this place … Earth.  I came here to love, be loved and to contribute my God-given gifts to the world.  We all have them. And we all have egos.  It’s the ego that tells us we’re separate from our creator and each other.  Am I susceptible to the ego?  Sure am.

Back to my leap. Why else am I here?  I wrote a poem many years ago that answers that question for me.  The inspiration and words came directly from Spirit. It’s just that actually living by these words every day is the challenge my ego presents.  Egos aren’t all bad, though. They’re also in place to help us recognize and make choices about our personal baggage.  This leap year is a good time to dump that old baggage, yes?  I’m working on it.  And I think that’s good enough.  I have to keep telling myself that it’s good enough for right now in this moment, as long as I make conscious choices … and as long as my intentions are for the highest and best of all concerned.


Give something away every day …
Smiles, blessings, hugs … someone else needs them and you’ll get them back tenfold.

Expect goodness …
People usually live up to what you expect of them.

Learn all you can about nature in all its radiance …
You are part of it; spend some time in it every day.

Laughter is good for the soul …
Find something to laugh about or someone to laugh with at least once a day.

Receive all that is yours by Divine right with grace and gratitude …
God still holds you in the palm of His hand.

Be yourself …
You are like no other and possess great gifts to share with the world.

Love yourself first …
You can’t truly love another until you do.

Speak your truth …
Walk your talk.

Forgive yourself and others …
Growth is alive in the act of forgiving.

Bless your children …
Teach them love, not fear.

Live your wisdom …
The rewards will be great.

Know that you are loved and never alone …
Your Creator and His emmissaries of Light are always with you.



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