Drinking More Water


Most people are walking around in a constant state of dehydration, which can have mental as well as physical effects. Fortunately, maybe a few trips to the Emergency Room can be avoided by following some common-sense tips.

With so much frightening information out there about drinking water out of plastic bottles, drinking water from your tap, drinking water from purifying systems, and many other opinions about what’s safe, one can get really confused about what’s best for his/her body. In fact, there are some folks out there going to the extreme by saying that no water is safe anymore.

The truth is … we cannot live without water. When we’re infants, our bodies are about 90% water. When we’re older, into our late 80’s, our bodies are literally drying up because our water content only averages about 50%.

I know, some people say that the manufacturers of bottled water have conjured up a lot of hype about the value of consuming more water. Well, maybe they have, but it’s still a fact that our bodies need more water than we normally drink. So what if you drink lots of coffee, tea or juice on a daily basis? My son tells me that he gets enough water in all the coffee he drinks. Yikes! We know that caffeine dehydrates, so unless you’re drinking decaf coffee and tea, you’ll need to supplement with 8 oz. of water for every cup of coffee or tea that you consume. As for the juices, unless you’re making them yourself, most likely they’re loaded with sugar. Drinking more water will help to eliminate the sugar concentration in your blood.

What about all these vitamin water drinks? Some of them are really good, but again, watch the sugar content. You can find ones that are sugar-free, sweetened naturally with Stevia or Xylitol. I would definitely avoid the ones sweetened with aspartame. And that includes Splenda. It’s also chemically derived. Try adding the juice of an organic lemon or lime. You’ll give your body even more health benefits. You can look that up online and you’ll be amazed at what you find in numerous reports. I use Happy Water drops in my water consistently now, to the point that if I have to drink water without it, I feel like I’m being cheated. (And yes, I sell this product because it works)! Pure water keeps the body’s cells hydrated and healthier by providing superior hydration, allowing more water to get inside of the cells.

My doctor once told me that when you start to feel thirsty, most likely you’re already dehydrated. That alone prompted me to change my habits about drinking more water. I know that it can take some practice and attention to change any habit. But if you’re not in the habit of drinking at least six to eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day, do your best to get into the habit. You’ll feel better, look better and guess what? You’ll even sleep better. Water-deprived organs have to work much harder to keep your body fit, so give them a break … get them hydrated. You will see and feel an improvement in just one day!

Give yourself the gift of better health. Drink more water and feel free to add the lemon or the lime. Extra vitamin C, especially during cold and flu season, can’t hurt!

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


Living on Purpose

purpose passion

It seems as if there are a lot of people feeling an emptiness these days, kind of like being hollowed out. Could it be that they just haven’t found their calling; their purpose? I’ve experienced it myself in the past, which is the reason I hope this post can be of benefit to someone else.

Finding and following your calling is a big part of living with purpose. Finding that calling though, can be a pretty intimidating task, particularly if you put yourself under pressure to come up with the perfect answer right here and right now.

While it’s a goal worth pursuing, it’s also important to realize that it may take time to find your calling. It’s a process that will develop over time, and one that you can’t force. In fact, you shouldn’t. A much better plan of action is to take it one step and one day at a time until your calling becomes clear.

I believe the first, most important step is to get clear about what you really want.

Start With What’s Important To You

A great place to start is to think about what’s important to you. It doesn’t have to be huge or all-consuming. Start with something small. Find a cause you feel drawn to and do what you can to support it. Volunteer … learn more about it and share what you’re learning with others. Support organizations financially if you can.

Maybe this means knitting baby hats for preemies at your local hospital. Or making blankets for the homeless. Maybe it means spending time with an elderly neighbor, or maybe it means saving up for a mission trip next summer.

The most important thing is to simply start and do something. It’s good for your happiness and your health!


Just Look For It

“There’s beauty everywhere if we just look for it.”

When you’re in a crappy mood, you just don’t want to hear something like this. Wouldn’t you rather be immersed in the self-pity, the woe-is-me, I’ll bring you down with me kind of misery?

That’s kind of how I felt the other day when I was at Urgent Care. But while waiting for the doctor to come in, I took this image with my phone.  It was a rather large wall art piece, probably 4’x4′ and I thought it was kind of cool.  I especially liked the colors.

It sure beats looking at those cotton balls, tongue depressors, and that red box on the wall for the used needles…eeeuw!

Or maybe it was my higher self saying “Hey, look for the beauty in everything; every circumstance; every encounter.”  All of a sudden, I felt better. Namaste’


Regina (Reggie) Arnold is the author of Uncomplicated Ways to Find Your Financial Freedom, a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist,  and photo blogger.

The Pieces of Us Are Fragile

Hubby’s daughter is going through some pretty rough times right now with her health.  And, of course, it makes hubby pretty stressed.

No one ever wants to see their child in such a tenuous place.  We bring them into this world with high hopes that their lives will be filled with joy, laughter, love, peace and abundance in all forms. And when something happens to shake that for them, we are shaken as well.  It comes with the territory of being a parent.

So we ask our divine Creator to help us put the fragile pieces back into working order again.  And we have faith that our requests are being heard because after all …“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matt 6:25-27 NIV



Fat Flush Water

I found this recipe on Facebook for something called Fat Flush Water.  I tried it the other day and personally, unless you are absolutely crazy about mint, I would eliminate it.  So today I made it without the mint and it tastes great.  If you like it sweeter, just add a packet of Stevia to your glass.  Want the recipe?  See below the photo.

Fat Flush Water

Recipe (body flush and detox water):

One cucumber, one lemon, one or two oranges, two limes and a bunch of mint (only if you like the taste of mint)

Slice them all and divide the ingredients between four 24 oz. water bottles (I used a gallon (glass) jug for all of it, as you can see in the photo), and fill it up with filtered water.  Drink daily!  This tastes delicious, helps flush fat and counts toward your daily water intake.

Lemons:  Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium; cuts down your craving for sweets.

Cucumber:  Acts as a diuretic and flushes fat cells.  It is alkalizing to the body and if you have an alkaline body, it is difficult for disease to thrive.  Cucumber also increases your energy level.

Lime:  Promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Mint:  A natural appetite suppressant that also aids in digestion.

To your good health!  Namaste’

Give Us This Day Our Daily …


I’m feeling particularly grateful today that we have food on our table.  So many around the world do not.  Let us give thanks for what we have, and send love and light around the world to our brothers and sisters in need.  Namaste”


Barrel of Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be a tricky thing, but we have to do it.  If we don’t, we can be manipulated so easily.  Especially women.  Why?  Because we are typically the nurturers, the caretakers, the keeper of the keys to the family.  The purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of ourselves. We need to be able to tell other people (yes, especially those we love) when they are acting in ways that are not acceptable to us. We have not only the right, but the duty, to take responsibility for how we allow others to treat us.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, humans lived in a matriarchal society, where the feminine energy was dominant.  Eventually that changed into a more male dominated energy.  Even though women have made tremendous strides in so many areas, setting healthy boundaries is pretty important.  And it’s equally as important for men.  Have you ever felt like you’ve given yourself away to everyone else?  If so, what’s left for you?  How can you give if you don’t have enough energy to take care of yourself?

I’ve been there … got the t-shirt, complete with the tear stains and I’m here to say … today … that I’m just not going there again.

Today’s photo is a Barrel Cactus in my yard.  I believe it has some pretty visible boundaries and you can bet I won’t be crossing them.  I respect this cactus for what it is.  Namaste’