Love and Paragraphs

The smoke and haze from the wildfires burning around our state are keeping me indoors today as much as possible. So it’s an uncomplicated Sunday. No place that I absolutely have to be other than here.

Music is always playing in the background of my days. It keeps me grounded. And, yes, I’m one of those people who will stay in the car just to hear a song finish.

Allow me to share this selection that I think is simply beautiful by Chris Standring, from his Love and Paragraphs album. Enjoy!

Be good to yourself and others. Namaste’



Coming Home

I’m a big fan of K. D. Lang. My favorite song of hers is Coming Home.

When I hear it, I get a lump in my throat because it makes me think of coming home to Tucson. I do love that place! It has always felt like home.

The warm weather, the Catalina mountains, the sentinels of the desert known as Saguaros, the friendly people, the streets I used to drive to see my Mom, the high-drama sunsets, monsoon season … all combined to make it my home.



Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Just Breathe

Willie Nelson has always been a man whom I respect. I love his music … all of it.

Yes, there are a lot of other great contributors to the country music scene, but no one outshines Willie in my mind. He’s such a storyteller and, in many ways, a real messenger.

This morning as I was listening to Pandora radio, one of his songs came on that I’ve only heard a few times. I really listened to the lyrics this time.

Just breathe. Maybe that’s what we all need to do these days. Take a few minutes to just breathe.

Take good care of yourself and each other. Namaste’





Lyrics in My Head

Lately hubby and I have been listening to Pandora radio and have found some really good stations. We set up an instant mix of some of our favorites like Michael Buble, Yanni, Nat King Cole, The Piano Guys, Flamenco Guitar, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, George Strait, and some really classic oldies.

The 60’s was a great time for me and the music from that decade is something I’ll always love. “When She Was My Girl” by the Four Tops played today and it brought back some fond memories of high school, friendships, adventures and first love. I can’t get the lyrics out of my head, but that’s OK. I’ll let them play as long as they want to.

Enjoy … and remember to be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Rock ‘n Roll, Baby!

Someone asked me today what kind of music reminds me of my childhood.  The answer is unequivocally rock & roll.  My brother, my mother, and me all spent much more time listening to music than watching TV … ever!  There was always some kind of music being played in our house, in the car, and almost every place we went.  Back then it was 45’s and LP’s on vinyl and we played them on an old-fashioned monaural (one speaker) record player.  My brother, whom I am sure is dancing somewhere in the ethereal realms, is the one who taught me to dance.  I’ll always be grateful to him for putting music in my life.  He could tell you the name of the song, who sang it and when it was popular.  Amazing!

What kind of music reminds YOU of your childhood?  If you were a kid in the ’50’s then you’ll enjoy this video.  Even if you weren’t, you’ll most likely find your toes tapping.  So why not just get up and dance???  It’s good for the soul.  Namaste’



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