In Like a Lamb

Here in sunny southern AZ, I’m finding that Spring is edging ever closer.  New plants are starting to come up all around me and I love it.  I just wish I could send it to the other parts of the country that are still knee deep in that cold, white, frozen precipitation.  They’re getting all of that, and we’re praying that the prediction of rain for us tomorrow will actually come to pass.  Go figure.

Mother Nature can be tricky sometimes but she always escorts Spring in like a lamb.  It just takes longer to get to some places.

I did manage to see this crop of yellow wildflowers and since they were on the ridge behind our house, I had to stand on my tiptoes and zoom way out to get this image.

So this is for all of my friends who are still frigid.  Don’t take that the wrong way 🙂  Namaste’



Independence Day – 2012

Happy Independence Day to all of you beautiful people!

Independence Day, the commemoration of America’s independence of the British Crown on July 4, 1776, has somehow gravitated to wishing others a Happy 4th of July. What’s up with that?  I don’t understand.  That’s like saying Happy 31st of May instead of Happy Memorial Day.  Our forefathers fought hard and a lot of lives were lost so that we could be a free country.  FREE = INDEPENDENCE.  So I say to you … Happy Independence Day and may God continue to bless us all.

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a great post for today and I’d like to share it with you:  WE THE PEOPLE.

The photos are of today … first one of our flag and subsequent ones as the summer storm hit and flooded our back yard.  Yee Haw!  Lots of lightning, thunder and rain … glorious rain!  I was so excited to see our parched desert get a gigantic drink of water.  Namaste’

I’m in Trouble Now …

Just as I headed home today, looking for something that would make a good Tuesday photo, I came across something new … brand new.  Taco Bell … and it’s fairly close to my house.  Uh-oh, is their menu on my low-carb diet?  Something I’ll have to investigate.  Why?  Because I love their plain, simple, crunchy tacos.  I wish I wasn’t a fan, but alas, I am.  I could be in big trouble now. If only I can practice some restraint – LOL.

Today’s photos are of the wall that separates their drive-through and a place to sit and eat outside.  The second one is up close.  I really like what the artist did here.  Makes it inviting to sit there (when it’s not blistering hot outside).

I know you must be asking if I bought some tacos and the answer is no.  But the day isn’t over yet.  Namaste’


The Answer to Yesterday’s Mystery Photo

For all of you who ventured a guess as to what yesterday’s photo was, many of you were close.  Ta-Dah!  Here it is.  This time in color with an explanation.  The photo is of an indoor swimming pool which has skylights in the ceiling.  The skylight was reflecting in such a wiggly pattern because the pool cleaner was running at the time.  I was kind of surprised at how this turned out.  So … thanks for playing my guessing game.  Namaste’

BTW, it’s 108 here today and none of my blogger friends have sent me any rain whatsoever.  Shame on you! 🙂

Smell the Rain; Feel the Wind

Today was the day!  The first time it rained here in I don’t know how long.  Seems like forever.  I watched the clouds form this morning as I set out to visit my Mom.  By the time we had lunch, visited for a while and I was about to leave, I thought I saw lightning.  Sure did!  The clouds had come in full force, the wind was blowing, the thunder was rolling and I could smell the rain the minute I walked outside.  Am I excited???? Yes!  I love the summer rains here in the desert.  So my pictures for the day are (1) our patio just as the rain started in and (2) the wall of water forming to the west from our house.  I hate those power lines in a picture but they keep the lights on and the internet connected 🙂

(Thanks, Kathryn, for sending the rain all the way over from England). LOL. I didn’t have to do that rain dance after all.  Happy dance instead.  Namaste’



Bus Stop

Today’s photos came from a bus stop that I passed and had never really noticed before.  It was so interesting once I got closer and really looked at it.  It tells the story of our summer monsoon season, which normally begins in early July.  We get afternoon thunderstorms that sometimes last well into the evening.  Lots of crazy lightning and thunder and torrential rains at times.  By the time the season rolls around, we’re all so excited because June is normally 100 degrees or above every day and we’re praying for rain.  (Note to Self:  Go somewhere cool this summer).

Click images to enlarge.  Namaste’

The blue mosaic tiles show the water flow:

The close-up here is of the “windows” showing the old adobe homes backed up against the mountains:

This one depicts the lightning strikes, the rain, and the stars, including a falling star on the right:

Bloomin’ Ocotillo & Here Comes the Heat!

On our way over to see my stepdad in the hospital, I told my husband that I’d really like to get a picture of the ocotillos that are blooming so beautifully right now.  I’ve seen them all over town but mostly in the medians.  Well, with no place to park, I can’t just jump out of the car to get a photo.  But right before we got to the hospital, there they were.  In plain sight and right off of a parking lot so I could be safe getting the pictures.  This was definitely a case of the Universe granting my wish.

Today was just a beautiful day weather-wise.  That’s good because the heat is definitely on its way … 90’s by the end of this coming week.  Ugh!  Usually we don’t see the 90’s until May.  Everything seems to be speeding up.

This first picture is how the whole plant looks … long, thin branches that develop green leaves and then the orange blooms at the top.  Some of these grow to about 20 feet tall.

The photo below shows the actual bloom close up.  Click to enlarge the photos.  Namaste’