What Would You Do?

Feeling Some New Energy

Some days I wonder if I just have my head in the sand or if I just don’t want to be bothered with all the negative “stuff” out there.  I don’t watch the mainstream news media except for once in a while in the evening.  There are certain commentators that I like, i.e., Shepard Smith on Fox.  I like him because I feel like he questions (as much as he can on the air) what’s really going on behind the scenes.

It does feel like some new energy coming in today.  I guess the best way to receive it is to be open to it and know that all is well.  Love what is.

"Two Sistas"



Missed the Art Show

Wouldn’t it be nice if people actually posted signage that others could follow?  Heard there was an art show here in town.  Went to the location; no signs; no nothing and no one knew anything about it at the hotel.

Am I the only on feeling disjointed today?  Aaargh! Oh well . . . so I came home and decided to post this.  You know my by now . . . if I get anywhere near flowers, their pictures WILL be taken.  Maybe I should take my own advice today.  Look within.