She Knows How, Too

A while back I spoke of the “look” and how all females seem to have the inate ability to give it. ¬†Well, it’s the same for our Foxy girl. ¬†She knows the “look” too. ¬†In fact, she gives our vet the “look” each time we go there and he gives her a treat because I think he might be just a tiny bit afraid of her. ¬†He once said she had feral eyes. ¬†Ha! ¬†She wouldn’t hurt a flea. ¬†Well, maybe she would bite a flea if she had one. ¬†Ha! ¬†Here’s Foxy giving me the “look.” ¬†Namaste’

Adopt Me, Please

While out today picking up dog food for our four-legged canine “kids” Foxy and Daisy, we decided to check out the local shelters and rescue agencies adoptees. ¬†They are all so lovable and cute and it’s sure tempting to take in another couple of rescues. ¬†These are just some of the adorable dogs looking for loving, forever homes. ¬†Send them all your love and wishes, OK? ¬†Namaste’ Click to enlarge images.