Day Four of Seven

Day Four

Day Four of Seven Days in Black and White

This is one of my favorite images that’s in my archives. It’s especially sentimental because my Mom gave it to me, and it has an honored place in our garden. She gave it to me several years before she died, and it has moved with me over the years, always adorning the yard.

She said, when she gave it to me, that it reminded her of me as a child. I’ve always loved to read and she would find me curled up in the sofa reading to my stuffed elephant.

I remember doing that. Some memories never fade. Now when I go out to the garden and see this statue, I smile, thinking of Mom and my stuffed elephant. She gave me that, too. I love you, Mom!

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Tree Angel

I happened to notice this angel at the top of a Christmas tree.  She was way off in the distance so I zoomed in just to see if I could get her face.  It came out pretty good, probably because I was sitting at a table and could steady the camera with my elbows.  Ooops!  No elbows on the table, unless of course you’re trying to avoid camera shake.  Then there was the beam in the way but what the heck.  Namaste’


Auto Angel

Today’s photo is of the angel that hangs in the car.  She seems to do a wonderful job of keeping us safe and I am so grateful.  I suppose one could get distracted looking at the sunlight as it peers through her image.  So far I’ve managed to keep my eyes on the road.  I took this shot when I was parked 🙂

Today is also 10/10.  Is anyone else feeling strange today (in any way) besides me?  I’ve had a dull headache all day and normally don’t get headaches.  Of course, in my younger days, once in a while, the hangover headache 🙂  So glad I don’t do that anymore.  Namaste’

Horsehair Angel

I bought this horse hair angel several years ago in Tombstone, AZ.  My friends and I were doing the tourist thing and we spotted this beautiful piece.  The horse hair is from the mane and tail of horses that are being groomed.  The hair falls out naturally and is collected to be fired into the mold with the plaster, clay or whatever material is used for the piece.  This was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P510.  Click to enlarge.

I love this angel.  Namaste’

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