Downtown Walk

When Hubby and I were downtown a couple of weeks ago, we took a little detour off Main Street to discover a whole new world of fun things to see.  Downtown Tucson has some very cool old buildings, of which I plan to photograph some day when I have more time (and it’s cooler weather).

One of the streets had this tower with a prickly pear cactus planted in the bowl at the top.  I added a crosshatch illustration effect just for the fun of it because it had just rained and the street was still wet.  I also like what this effect did to the sky.

Have a pleasant weekend.  Namaste’

cross hatched illustration.signed


Where Am I?

This is one of the shots from my trip, taken from a boat at sunset; I applied some high contrast to bring out the windows.  All of you who were with me are NOT allowed to guess where this is.  But everybody else can weigh in.  It’s a pretty famous landmark and that’s all I’m sayin’ … should be easy.  Namaste’

Makes Me Dizzy

This is one of the parking structures downtown that I thought was rather odd.  No special effects; just a crazy parking structure.  It’s a really good thing that southern Arizona isn’t prone to earthquakes.

I’m no architect, but this had to be built like this for a reason.  Maybe because of the angle of the hill?  Were they trying to save money on concrete?  Any ideas???  Namaste’

Dual Cameras

Today’s photos are contributed by hubby and me.  We went downtown to do some shooting and came across something pretty interesting.  There’s a replica of the Garden of Gethsemane in a park, however it’s undergoing reconstruction.  The sculptor, Felix Lucero, is now dead but I imagine when they were new, they were spectacular.  We were hoping for a little less light but had to take what we could get.  I think hubby did a great job on his photos.  And now he’s having fun using some editing software.  I think he may have found a new hobby.  He used the Olympus E-420 and I used the Nikon Coolpix P510.   Namaste’  (BTW, hubby, you might have to start your own photoblog 🙂