World Meditation for Peace

At a time when people around the world are suffering in some way or another, the middle east, Russia and Ukraine just to name a few, I strongly urge you, my faithful readers to participate in this event tomorrow.  It’s free and together we can make a difference.  Meditation is so beneficial for our mental and emotional health.  And it looks like this powerful meditation might even make the Guiness Book of Records!  Wow!

An amazing man, Deepak Chopra, will be facilitating this event and if you’ve never heard him, you’re in for a special treat.  The time in the U.S. is 12:00 noon EDT. Namaste’

Go here to sign up for this spectacular event:

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Give Us This Day Our Daily …


I’m feeling particularly grateful today that we have food on our table.  So many around the world do not.  Let us give thanks for what we have, and send love and light around the world to our brothers and sisters in need.  Namaste”