Aspen Eye

Looking out of my dining room window, I noticed for the first time the all-seeing “eye” on one of the Aspen trees.  Now that I know it’s there and watching me, I will probably have to have conversations with it.  Please don’t call the guys in the white coats just yet, OK?  I’ll let you know how I and the “eye” get along.  Namaste’

02.01.15AspenEyeRegina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger.


Before the Rain

The weather reports all say we’re supposed to have some big rain tonight and tomorrow.  I’m ready.  As far as I’m concerned, we never get enough. This photo was taken in my back yard as the sun started to peek under the early evening clouds. I hope the birds have some place nice and warm and dry when the rains come.

Sometimes the light just plays perfectly for the camera and the subject.  This was one of those times.  Namaste’


The Pine Cone

WS found this pine cone in our back yard not too long ago.  I just now decided to photograph it.

One would think that there aren’t pine trees in southern AZ but there are … at a higher elevation than where we live.  So how did this pine cone end up in our yard?  (We don’t have any pine trees on our property at all).  Was it carried by an owl, a hawk or some other large bird?  Could be … still a mystery to me.  Namaste’


Today’s photo was taken in our back yard of the only barrel cactus that is left.  When we moved in the back yard had quite a few but with our two wonderful doggies, we had to move some out.  This particular one is getting fruit and blooming again.  It sits behind a little fence to keep the dogs out and I had to take the photo at an angle.  If one of these barbs gets into ANYTHING, it’s really tough to remove them.  You can see the hooks at the ends.  Mother Nature is pretty creative, isn’t she?  Another one of those “look but don’t touch” desert things.  Namaste’

Palm Sunday

In honor of Palm Sunday, I thought I would just do a photo of the palm in our own back yard.  As you can see, it definitely needs a trim.

Side note: several of my subscribers are having trouble viewing some of my pics, which tells me I need to make them smaller.  When you get the email notification, just click on the title of that day’s post to take you right to my blog site.

Happy Palm Sunday.  Be blessed and Namaste.

Under The Back Yard Palm


Ouch! Don’t Get Too Close

Beware of the Chollas

This photo is right outside of our back yard.  It’s a variety of the Cholla cactus and it likes to find open skin. In fact, it jumps at the chance to do so.  Literally.  When we first moved here, we were looking at houses and ventured around to look in the back windows of one place.  All of a sudden there were about five of these spiny chollas stuck to my ankles.  And you can’t just pull them out.  You have to be so careful or they’ll work their way into your hands as you do.

There should be signs posted around the desert that say BEWARE OF THE CHOLLAS.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “why would anybody in their right mind live in the Arizona desert?”  Good question … if you find the answer let me know.  I’ll be packing for someplace by the ocean, preferably on the beach 🙂  Hmmm … Ventura sounds nice right now. Namaste.