Excuuuuuse Me???

For all my fellow writers and bloggers, say it in unison with me right now…Excuuuuuse Me?!?!

Have a blessed and beautiful day, my friends ❤️

Keep writing!

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?  Is it the end of the year when I get to stop posting a photo a day?  OK, OK, I shouldn’t be complaining.  I’m the one who signed up for this and made the commitment.  Someone asked me today why I did it and my instant reply was that it was a commitment I made to myself, and a new adventure.  The truth is that I have received so much personally from this endeavor … more than words can adequately express.

You see, I’ve met some extraordinary people – fellow bloggers who are doing the photo a day project and some who are not.  I just like what they have to say and share with the rest of us.  I like who they are as people; as contributors to this beautiful planet we live on.  I would probably never know what Istanbul looks like if it weren’t for Nia and Africa if not for Bulldog. So many others, too, and not enough time to name them all. And I’ve gotten closer to people whom I already knew but felt free to make comments on my posts.  It brought out a dialogue that we might not have had.

And last, but certainly not least … looking at the world through a camera lens has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is such beauty in the things that we take for granted like shoes, petrified cacti, rain water on a driveway, a bumper sticker on a car, statues, a celery stump and people on the street.  I could go on and on but I won’t.  Time is short and there’s some frozen yogurt calling my name right now 🙂

I still haven’t caught up with everyone’s blog postings that I follow.  Hopefully I’ll get there soon.  Today’s photo is of some poinsettias I spotted while shopping.  I underexposed to bring out some texture in the leaves.  Red is just so darn hard for me to shoot.  Namaste’

OK, Just One More from the Vision Board

I know I said I wouldn’t but I’m adding one more piece from my vision board.  I saw a quote today that lent itself well to my vision:

If a single person achieves the highest kind of love it will be sufficient to neutralize the hate of millions. ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Love Never Hurts – Negative Emotions Do

Two Simple Words

While cleaning up my office, I saw this rubber stamp that I use for cards and it got me thinking.  So I made a list of everyone I had thanked today for something. It was fun and it sure made me feel good.  So far my list includes God, my husband, our dog groomer, my friend in CA, my sister-in-law, a Facebook friend, a waitress, and some of my fellow bloggers, but the day’s not over yet!

My parents taught me to say thank you and I would like to thank them for that.  I know Dad hears me even though he’s on the other side.  I’ll call my Mom pretty soon and thank her for teaching me the value of these two simple words.

Who have YOU thanked today?  Namaste’