New Age Wine and Our Galactic Family

For several years now I’ve been following some information about whether we’re alone here on planet Earth … or not.  In some circles I’m referred to as a “new ager” and that’s OK.  Call me whatever you want but I believe we’re absolutely headed for a new age.  It seems to me that we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing to our beloved planet and to each other for much longer.

For those who believe that Earth is just a rock with no soul or spirit of her own, you might want to stop reading now.  For the rest of you, take 18 minutes to check out the video link below the photo. This video gives some insight about who we are and what’s going to happen. It may shock you; it may not.  I welcome any comments you might have on this subject.

My photo for the day is a bottle of wine that I thought was pretty cool, so I shot the picture.  Seems I’m not the only one thinking of New Age.  The photo shows the painting of the woman, which is on the inside of the bottle and the words are on the outside.  It’s an Argentine wine that tastes of chardonnay and pinot grigio.

See the video:




The Back of the Wine Bottle

Having a good glass of red wine is supposed to be good for the heart, right?  I found one that I think is good for the heart not only by drinking it, but also by reading the back of the bottle.  But let’s start with the front label … pretty, huh?

Flying Heart Wine

And here’s the back of the bottle.   If you’ve ever had this wine, let me know in the comments below.  Namaste’

The “Look”

It’s a well known fact that women are born knowing how to give the “look.”  You know what I’m talking about, guys.  The way she looks at you when you get dressed in something that doesn’t coordinate, or when you follow too close behind someone while driving, or you’ve just interrupted what she said, etc.  I could go on and on, but I don’t really need to.  You already know and so do the women out there, including me, who have perfected the art of the “look.”  I come from a long line of women who absolutely love to use the “look.”  And of course I’ve passed it on to my daughter and granddaughter 🙂

That’s why today’s photo is perfect for this subject.  I purchased this particular bottle of wine because she had the “look.”  And of course the name … Mad Housewife.  Too funny!  (It’s actually a great tasting Merlot).  Namaste’