She’s Not a Canon …

Today’s photo is of my Olympus E-420, the camera that I use for most of my 366 project photos.  I don’t think this camera is better than any of the others I’ve had, which include Canon, Pentax and Minolta.  And I don’t think it’s inferior to any of them.  For me, photography is not a profession; some days I’m very passionate about it; other days my muse, Photog, takes a mini-vacation.  I’m simply having fun with the creative side of my “self.”  The side of me that, until now, I have hardly explored.  I don’t really worry about the technical aspects of a photograph any more.  I paid a lot more attention to that when I was shooting film years ago.

It’s my belief that we all have our own reasons for doing what we do.  Mine are two-fold:  to bring joy to myself and to bring joy to my readers through my photographs and stringing words together to describe them.  Thank you for being part of my world and part of my 366 project.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother, Mike, who would have been 68 today.  And Happy Earth Day to Gaia!  What if we all just lit one candle today and wished her love?  I think it would raise the vibration of our beautiful planet immensely.  Let me know if you do it.  I’m going to.  Namaste’