On the Back of a Car

Well, after yesterday’s post about being stressed out and no one to choke, I saw this while in traffic today.  What is it I always say at the end of my posts?

Look right above the license plate.  How fitting that I should see this today.  I guess if we pay attention, we get messages from our Divine Creator all the time.  Maybe I need to start paying closer attention.  Namaste’


Auto Angel

Today’s photo is of the angel that hangs in the car.  She seems to do a wonderful job of keeping us safe and I am so grateful.  I suppose one could get distracted looking at the sunlight as it peers through her image.  So far I’ve managed to keep my eyes on the road.  I took this shot when I was parked 🙂

Today is also 10/10.  Is anyone else feeling strange today (in any way) besides me?  I’ve had a dull headache all day and normally don’t get headaches.  Of course, in my younger days, once in a while, the hangover headache 🙂  So glad I don’t do that anymore.  Namaste’