Belly Fat Begone!

The reason I’m posting a picture of today’s lunch is that my WS (wonderful spouse) and I are on the South Beach diet.  Actually, I hate the word diet, so I’m going to stick with new, healthy eating plan.  It consists mainly of lean protein, plenty of veggies, some good fats, and basically VERY LOW carbs.  No white sugar at all.  Anything white we just don’t eat.  Now there are many, many, many diets and eating plans out there, but most are hard to stick to and require some real concentration (stress) on what to do and what not to do.  What to mix with what, etc.  These days I’m into simple.  So for us this is rather simple.  Anyway, I’m not promoting any diets here, but my WS suggested I take a picture of his lunch plate, so I did.

There is one thing I can recommend, though, even if you’re not watching your weight.  I’m using My Fitness Pal to record what I eat and how much water I drink.  Truly an eye-opener and it’s totally free.  It keeps count of calories, carbs, fat and protein.  For those of us who love chocolate (and we know who we are, right, Zannyro?) there’s always the Hershey’s sugar-free dark chocolate.  It does the trick for me.  Will I have to cheat once in a while and have a piece of carrot cake or something like that?  Yes!  Once in a while but not often.  I like how I feel now without the carbs/sugar.  Namaste’

Low-fat cottage cheese, grape tomatoes, Hebrew National 97% fat-free beef dogs, and baked zucchini with parmesan, olive oil and garlic.  I had one dog; WS had two 😉


Use Your Brain, Not Insulin, to Control Your Diabetes

Because I was told at one point that I was “Pre-Diabetic,” I thought it might be helpful to pass on some of this information since Diabetes seems to be gaining ground in many countries around the world.

The word Diabetes strikes uncertainty and fear in anybody.  Once you have been diagnosed, you start thinking about your future, such as taking insulin shots every day. However, there are ways to control the disease by changing your diet and exercising.

What may be the most important thing for you to do is lose weight.  You may not realize it, but the statistics for overweight people getting diabetes is far higher than those people in their ideal weight range. For every pound you lose, you lower your risk.

As a diabetic, one of your responsibilities is to check your blood sugar.  When you monitor your glucose levels will depend on your diabetic type, what medication you are on, how you take your medicine, and what kind of life you lead. Depending on your type of diabetes and your medicine regimen, you may not need to use a fingerstick every day. Basically, if you take care of yourself, you take care of your disease and will need to test less frequently.

There are guidelines you will need to follow regarding your new diabetic diet.  The proposal of smaller meals throughout the day has been thought to be a foundation to healthier living. By eating six times a day, you will see a less erratic change in your glucose levels.  Eating these smaller meals will also make you less hungry, which will keep you from binging. Since you usually drink when you eat, your body will have constant hydration also.  

While you are eating these smaller meals through the day, you must be aware of what you are eating. Your diet should be balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Diabetics need to eat more fiber every day. Whether this is in the form of vegetables, fruits, or whole grains, the benefits of fiber are important. Eating plenty of protein is also important. Proteins, such as meat and eggs, take longer to process, therefore, your level of energy lasts longer. With the proper balance of foods, your blood sugar should remain steady.

You will quickly realize that you need to decrease the amount of alcohol you drink, as well as eating snacks high in sugar. Many people do not know that alcohol is considered a carbohydrate, which when ingested, breaks in to simple sugar.

You also need to be aware of sugary snacks or snacks that have carbohydrates. Just as alcohol does, sugary snacks will make the glucose levels in your body increase sharply.

You absolutely must drink plenty of water throughout the day. You have to keep your body hydrated and therefore, keep your blood sugar level. When you get dehydrated, your sugars concentrate, which can lead to problems.

Keep your doctor informed of your daily regimen of food and drinks.  If what you are doing is keeping everything at a healthier level, you probably will not need medicine now or in the future.

Research the disease, plan your meals, exercise and lose weight. This is a basic plan for any diabetic. Keep your mind in the game, your eye on your sugar levels and make it work.