Mike’s Mail

Today is the second anniversary of my brother’s passing.  It’s a sad day for me.  I miss him.  We didn’t always get along well, but isn’t that the way it is with most siblings?  He’s the only one I had and being older than me, the one I looked up to for lots of things.

So now I just tuck little notes to him occasionally into Mike’s Mail.  It’s a ceramic mail holder that I had made for him many years ago.  Mike loved to play golf so it had to be about golf, of course 🙂  Now it sits on my desk, next to my computer.

I just learned yesterday that one of his granddaughters, a senior in high school, took a few trophies recently for her school’s golf team.  I’m sure that whatever dimension he’s in, Mike is smiling on her.

The bottom photo is a collage I did of him about a year ago.  Mike loved to clown around and as you can see, was having a little fun sticking his head out through the sun roof of his car.  Being that he was a joker, sometimes it was hard to know if he was pulling my leg or not.  Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with him was a real challenge.  He had the perfect poker face, although I did manage to beat him a couple of times 🙂  Namaste’



Catching Up with Pictures

Today I decided to put together some of my favorite pics from our vacation last week.  OK, so maybe I’m cheating just a little but I promised some folks that I’d do this.

Picmonkey has a great way to do a quick collage, so I did.  The two cute doggies belong to the lady whose house we stayed in.  Darryl’s sister is a pet-sitter and Bear and Angie’s “mom” kindly offered her house to us while she is away.  We enjoyed spending time and having fun with these two little darlings so much!

The pic to the right is the first thing you see in the lobby of the Orleans casino (where, of course, we made a deposit and no withdrawals).  It seems to me these cool cats should be playing WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN’ IN.

The red shoes were actually a ceramic decoration I saw in the hutch in the kitchen and thought they were just so unique.  It looks like they might be a memento from Spain.

And the lovely purple flowers were growing in her back yard.  Since I am a purple lover, they just had to get into the collage.  Click to enlarge the image.  Namaste’