Here’s a couple of pics I took a while back at a classic car show.  The first one is an old GMC delivery truck.  (Notice it only has one windshield wiper for the driver’s side).

The second one is a Ford coupe.  Don’t ask me what year they are.  I don’t have a clue.  I just had fun photographing them.  Enjoy!




Oldie or Not?

I couldn’t resist getting this shot today as I pulled into the parking lot of a store.  When I realized how many cars were actually in the parking lot, I decided to get the heck out of there, thinking about the long lines inside at the cash registers.  Did I mention that I absolutely despise Christmas shopping?

Anyway, below is the car.  I believe it’s a vintage Ford because it has our state’s classic license plate, reserved for cars manufactured at least 25 years ago.  I think this one qualifies.

Almost to the end of our 366 project.  Can’t wait to see how my fellow 366’ers finish up this year.  Namaste’


Puttin’ on the Ritz

I had lunch today with my favorite uncle and it was really nice to see him.  As we walked back to our cars, I spotted this Rolls Royce.  I don’t know what year it is, but it had the Arizona classic plates on it.  While photographing the hood ornament, I flashed back to the all of the 1920’s movies, and the music of Puttin’ on the Ritz.  Click to enlarge the photo.  Namaste’


I’m taking a slight detour today from the usual photo-a-day routine. I was cleaning out and moving some of my stored images and found these two. They are from the tour we took of the classic cars a few months ago.  There are a lot of collectors in southern Arizona because of the dry air here which contributes to the lack of rust.

I like cars. I always have. Maybe my brother’s love for them rubbed off on me.  When I was a kid he talked about cars a lot.  The first one we had that I remember him driving was a 1950 Plymouth.  It was just the three of us at the time … my mom, my brother and me.  It was given to us by my grandparents, when they bought a new 1956 Chevy Bel-Air.  Gosh, how can I remember all that when sometimes I can’t remember why I just walked into the next room?

I’ll always remember the good times we had around that old car.  Hope you enjoy these.  Click to enlarge. Namaste’