Horsehair Angel

I bought this horse hair angel several years ago in Tombstone, AZ.  My friends and I were doing the tourist thing and we spotted this beautiful piece.  The horse hair is from the mane and tail of horses that are being groomed.  The hair falls out naturally and is collected to be fired into the mold with the plaster, clay or whatever material is used for the piece.  This was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P510.  Click to enlarge.

I love this angel.  Namaste’


View of the Cherub

Looking out my kitchen window this morning, it came to me that the microburst/storm we had last week didn’t even disturb my clay cherub, yet it popped the top of my window in my office.  This cherub has adorned our back yard(s) ever since we moved back to Arizona.  She has withstood rain, blazing hot temperatures, wind, hail, and even some snow.  No cracks, no chips, no nothing!  One tough cookie and so cute to boot!  Namaste’