Good Times

This image came up today on my FB timeline and it took me right back to my years of being a single Mom. Wow!

There were some lean and lonely times but, looking back, I wouldn’t change anything.

I had a tribe of friends, family members and work associates who were all there when I needed them. We all grew together, supporting each other in every way we could. I truly believe there was divine guidance in play for all of us.

Many times there was too much month at the end of our money, so we would call each other and ask “what do you have in your pantry?” Then we would pool our food and get together for a meal with all the kids. Some of our meals were certainly creative, but it was a blast!

I’m very blessed to have these two children, Michele and Steve, who have grown into two fine adults. Even if they weren’t my children, I would choose them as my friends.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’






Hope He Has a Sense of Humor

When I woke this morning, I found myself thinking of the folks in Newtown.  All I could do was join the collective of people around the world who are praying for those families. I know that we are all sending them our love and light.  Let’s not stop.

Since this is my blog, I feel like I need to say what I’m thinking about the media frenzy that surrounds this tragedy.  No matter how many details they find out or speculations they choose to post on their tickers, nothing will bring those victims back.  My question is this … why can’t the brave, REAL journalists out there share with us the stories of good that are/will happen now?  I hope we will get to see some of that.

Wanting to feel a little more light-hearted today, I happened to walk by the window and saw Santa trying to get up on our roof.  And since it’s raining, I hope he has a sense of humor.  I fear he is water-logged for sure, but he will survive.  He does every year.  Namaste’




Happy Trails

Several of my long-time gal pals and I get together for a reunion, usually once a year.  It started a long time ago when our kids were young.  We needed a break from them so our husbands would agree to take care of the kids for a weekend so that we could all get away and relax, eat too much, shop, and stay up talking until the wee hours of the morning.  If I recall, our first getaway weekend was around 1972.

Things changed over the years.  Divorces happened.  Sometimes months would go by before we got together, but we all still clung together for emotional support as good friends do.  One time (after three of us were divorced), we wound up living in a cul-de-sac where there were two bedroom houses for rent.  (We called it Divorce Court).  Ha!  But the rent was affordable and that was good, because the child support wasn’t consistent and we didn’t make much money on our jobs; and then there was child care to pay.  So many times we would pool what was in our pantries and all eat together just to make it to the next payday.  Those were the days … the days of growing, learning and leaning on each other.  I am one lucky woman to have the kind of friends that I do.

Years later, our good friend who lives in northern CA decided to dub us the Happy Trails Friends.  At the end of our reunions, we always sing Roy Rogers and Dale Evans’ song, “Happy Trails To You Until We Meet Again.”  I’ll be meeting up with my Happy Trails friends in November for four days and can’t wait.  We always find some fun to have.

I happened to see that the Roy Rogers show was on a cable station and decided to stop the screen and snap a picture of him and Dale.  So here they are with a slight “old” effect.

In case you’re curious, there’s more to see about this at our Happy Trails blog.



Considering there have been so many bloggers, FB friends, Tweeters, etc., taking us back to the tragic events of this day 11 years ago, I feel like I just need to focus on moving forward.

So today I’d like to think on “moments” … moments that make up our lives.  The moments we still have to share our lives with loved ones, friends, co-workers, pets, etc.  Hence, the reason for today’s photo being a re-post of one from before:

“LIFE IS ABOUT USING THE WHOLE BOX OF CRAYONS.”  Make every moment count.  We never know how many more we will have so I’m grateful for all those I’ve had and all those to come.  Namaste’

Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

Tired Feet/Tired Shoes

Yes, these are the shoes I wore today and my feet are exhausted.  I spent the day implementing some big changes in the lives of my mother and stepfather.  They’re both 88 and we are having to move them to a new place that can provide the kind of care they need until end of life.  For those of my readers who haven’t had to do this, I surely hope you never have to.  It’s heart-breaking and yet I found myself “steeling” my psyche today to get the things done that needed to get done.  More questions than answers.

My stepfather, who is a former engineer and always wanting the facts, is now off in never-never land much of the time and it’s all happening so fast. My mother isn’t too far behind him in terms of her cognitive ability.  The good news is that at least they will be together until one of them passes on.

What have I learned?  Make it clear – crystal clear to your children/caregivers what you want for your end of life.  And we’re all going to get there.  No one escapes.  But hey, let’s all agree that while we’re still here we make the best of it.  What do you say?

Life is good.  Namaste.


I wish you calm; peace beyond words

In my travels today, I went into a convenience store for a cup of coffee and stumbled upon this sculpture.  It seems like this statue might be a warrior yet I felt such silence and peace as I photographed it.  Is that a Thunderbird shield?  When I finished, I was going back to my car and a woman asked me about it.  We talked for a moment and I think she felt the same thing I did. Something was in sync here.  Namaste.