A “Glad” Surprise Today

Today’s photos actually found me (don’t they all?) while having lunch with my Mom where she lives.  The dining room is very nice there … each table had a vase of fresh gladiolas and yours truly gathered each color and photographed them.  My two fav’s are below.  Click to enlarge.  Namaste’  (I wish I could paint like God does).

My second favorite

A Salute to Day 100

Wow! Little did I know when I committed to a photo a day for all of this year how fast the time would go.  Or how interesting it would become to find things to photograph and then write about them.  It’s now Day 100 and I’m still at it … only 266 days to go!  Color me more happy, more grateful, more persistent, more creative, and more aware than I was 100 days ago.  Life can be such an adventure, even in the tiniest of ways.

Today’s photo is a salute (of my favorite Merlot variety) to all of my fellow 366’ers and blog readers.  Bravo to all of you photo bloggers who have hung in there and grown through this process; sharing your hearts and souls with all of us through your photographs.   And here’s to all of my other blog readers who have cheered me on and inspired me with your comments.  I am humbled and grateful.  Cheers and Namaste.

I am in the reflection on the glass - Hello There!

And … as for my reflection on the glass, it brings to mind one of my favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac.

Kissing A Toad in Tubac

Today I played hooky from everything and went to Tubac with my neighbor.  We shopped, had a wonderful lunch outdoors on the patio of a very good Mexican restaurant, walked a lot and took in all the sights.  Tubac is a mecca for artists, sculptors, musicians, native American jewelry, and some wonderful metal sculptures from a new gallery that I hadn’t see before. Today’s photos are all from one gallery.  I’d like to have them all.

Is it true that a girl has to kiss a lot of toads before she finds her prince?  See below to find out.  Namaste.

Life Size Black Wire Horse
Painted Steel Stallion


No, He Didn't Turn into a Prince! (But I already have one anyway)



Thanks and Other Thoughts

Today’s post is simply to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the faithful readers of the Regina Chronicles 366.  So aside from my new photo of the day, I’m reposting this one to express my gratitude:

I truly enjoy reading the other blogs I’m subscribed to.  There is so much talent and insight out there.  I can feel the consciousness shifting to higher levels every day and am proud to be part of this community of photographers and bloggers.  I may not have the gifts that you have and you may not have the gifts that I have, but together we make up, along with our brothers and sisters, the whole … the One.  Each of us is worthy. So even if we’re a different color, speak a different language, or have different religious beliefs, we all share at least one thing … Love.

Today’s photo is the last of my sunflower bouquet.  It gives a visual to me of what we all are.  Namaste.

A Distant Galaxy and Pears That Turn Purple

This photo is just some raindrops on my windshield that looked like mini space ships to me.  So I did some post processing and created a new galaxy 🙂  See you there, Captain Kirk!

A distant galaxy - I'd love to travel to one, wouldn't you?

And this photo is of the prickly pear cactus that turns purple every Spring, so fast that it almost seems to happen overnight.  When Spring is over, they go back to being green.



I wish you calm; peace beyond words

In my travels today, I went into a convenience store for a cup of coffee and stumbled upon this sculpture.  It seems like this statue might be a warrior yet I felt such silence and peace as I photographed it.  Is that a Thunderbird shield?  When I finished, I was going back to my car and a woman asked me about it.  We talked for a moment and I think she felt the same thing I did. Something was in sync here.  Namaste.