Black and White Challenge Day 4

Our friend, Linda, went home today. Home with God. You can see how beautiful she was HERE. She was beautiful on the inside, too. Sometimes wildly funny, always a good sport, and always caring for others. I’m grateful for her presence and what she added to my life.

We all knew she was going to go, but leave it to Linda to be cooking dinner for her family just last night and then checking out this morning. Even though you know someone has a terminal illness, you just don’t know how bad it’s going to hurt until they’re actually gone.  Well, it hurts.

This photo is one I took many moons ago in Tucson.  Not the one I had planned for today, but it showed up and made me think of Linda … flag at half mast and the big hole in the cloud.  I’m smiling because I just pictured her scooting through that cloud, looking back at us with a grin on her face saying, “See ‘ya on the other side.”




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Curious Encounter

My dear friend, Linda, has a really cool cat named Daisy.  Now you all know that I have a dog named Daisy, so what do they have in common?  After all, one’s a feline and one’s a canine.  What they have in common is that they have both been rescued in some way and are very loved.

Daisy was checking out my suitcase while I was at Linda’s.  She is so cute and so curious.  And for being a stranger to her, she was very sweet and loving to me.  Namaste’

And the photo below was sent to me from my dear friend in Ojai.  I love what it depicts and the message is so perfect:

Vision Board (Part 1)

There are no little events in life; those we think of no consequence may be full of fate, and it is at our own risk if we neglect the acquaintances and opportunities that seem to be casually offered, and of small importance. ~Amelia Barr

A dear friend of mine has posed a question to me more than once regarding how I find the time and where I get my ideas for this blog.  The only answer I have is that I ask.  I ask my higher self for insight about what to offer up to all of us next.  This 366 project is not just for me, nor is it just for you.  The truth is that everything that every one of us does affects the whole.

Today’s photo is a section of my vision board that hangs in my office.  I look at it every day and it makes me feel good.  When I look at the objects and phrases that I placed there, it raises my feeling of well-being, my physical, emotional and spiritual vibration.  I picked the images and phrases very carefully.  The ones that made me FEEL good.  Look for Part Two tomorrow. Namaste’

Strange Experience

While on my trip to California, I experienced something very strange.  I received a call on my cell phone and as I looked at the display, it read “Witched.”  No name, no phone number, just that word.  And as it turned out, it was a woman calling to chew me out over something that she perceived to be wrong on my part.

All I can say is, “You know who you are, Witched.”  BTW, if this has ever happened to any of you, please comment and let me know.

The rest of my trip was great!  Got to spend some time with my daughter to celebrate her 40th birthday, gave my grandchildren their Christmas gifts and got to spend some time catching up with a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in a while.  I miss them all and yet I’m grateful to be home again.  Would be nice if we all lived closer to each other though.  Maybe by this time next year.

A cozy fire every night - It was cold there!