In Like a Lamb

Here in sunny southern AZ, I’m finding that Spring is edging ever closer.  New plants are starting to come up all around me and I love it.  I just wish I could send it to the other parts of the country that are still knee deep in that cold, white, frozen precipitation.  They’re getting all of that, and we’re praying that the prediction of rain for us tomorrow will actually come to pass.  Go figure.

Mother Nature can be tricky sometimes but she always escorts Spring in like a lamb.  It just takes longer to get to some places.

I did manage to see this crop of yellow wildflowers and since they were on the ridge behind our house, I had to stand on my tiptoes and zoom way out to get this image.

So this is for all of my friends who are still frigid.  Don’t take that the wrong way 🙂  Namaste’


Sundown … Finally!

After such a hot day today, I decided to see what I could see as it got cooler and the sun was going down.  I saw the light coming through this plant and I like the way it came out.  As usual, I don’t know what the plant is … something that grows naturally in the desert.  Looks like a spider might be starting a web in the first image but I couldn’t find him and was losing the light fast. Have a cool night 🙂


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