French Soap Label

Yesterday was such a surprise with two gifts coming in the mail.  The clock (yesterday’s post) from WS’s daughter and then the antique French soap label from my daughter.  She even framed it for us in an antique frame.  I promise not to polish it 🙂

We love both of our gifts, girls!!!!  Namaste’  Only three days to go, people, until the end of my 366 project.  But I’ll keep blogging 🙂




It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year for those blow-up lawn ornaments.  Here’s a couple that were on the roof at our local Ace Hardware store.  Just had to have a little fun with them. Click to enlarge.

It’s kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit here.  It’s 80 degrees today.  Namaste’

Meet My New Friend

Hello!  Meet my new friend … Weechy.  It’s not often I make a new friend but lo! and behold, there she was in all her icky glory when we went to Home Depot.  She’s actually a life-size version, selling for $99.00.  Wow!  I love Halloween decorations but I think I’ll stick to those paper bats and spider webs.  And or course, carving a real pumpkin.

Halloween is right around the corner.  Namaste’

Is It Really a Word?

Today’s photo is of a stamp that I use in some of my greeting cards.  So … is gazillion(s) really a word?  According to, it is!  It’s an informal noun (huh?) that means an extremely large indeterminate number.  I just stamped this all over the box that I’m sending our granddaughter’s birthday gifts in.  I think she’ll get the picture, don’t you?

Nothing but fun today!!!  Namaste’