Look for Signs

A few years ago, I started looking for signs. But not your basic street signs. I’m talking about signs that the Universe provides when you ask for them. Try this experiment: Ask for something small to start with, like seeing a red flower, a butterfly, or a certain color of car, etc., as you go about…

Succulent Horse

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been really busy with too many things to mention. Ugh! This image is one I took the liberty of playing with. And you know me … I love to play! I used an image that I took of some succulent plants, applied a cartoon effect and used a…

Dancing Shoes

Put on your dancing shoes, grab your sweetheart and have a Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re going to dinner tonight … you know what that means? No cooking or dishes for moi. Woo Hoo! Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


Today’s image is of a wallpaper that I designed for my phone using Pixlr. I love that app. It’s free and anyone can get their creative juices flowing so easily with this app, available on the Google Play store. All I did was take one of the default wallpapers that came with my Samsung phone…

Lyrics in My Head

Lately hubby and I have been listening to Pandora radio and have found some really good stations. We set up an instant mix of some of our favorites like Michael Buble, Yanni, Nat King Cole, The Piano Guys, Flamenco Guitar, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, George Strait, and some really classic oldies. The 60’s was a great…

Young at Heart

The Daily Post prompt today posed a question about how we will stay young at heart and our thoughts on aging. In answer to those questions, here’s my take on aging: I’m as young as I feel. True. Some days I feel younger than I am in human years. My soul is ageless; eternal. For…

A Good Laugh

When I came across this image today on my Instagram feed, I couldn’t stop laughing, so of course I posted it on FB. Don’t we all need a good laugh these days? Of course some will say I’m being irreverent, but how can I be irreverent of a myth? But just in case, don’t show…

Parrot Head

Many years ago my son took me to a Jimmy Buffett concert. He and I are both big fans. Jimmy’s fans are called Parrot heads. Yep, that’s me! When I need a mood lifter, I listen to one of his songs. One of my favorites is Creola from his Floridays album:  Be good to yourself…

Violin Practice

I thought it might be a good idea to practice my violin today.  Just kidding 🙂  I wish I could play this instrument, but maybe in my next life … hehehe! For all of my American friends and family, have a safe, playful and joyful Independence Day. Fly our flag proudly. Namaste’

Something Different Today

I just discovered this site … Plane Finder … and it blew my mind as to the number of planes in the air. Check it out: http://planefinder.net/  Click on any of the planes and you can see what the airline is and more.  Namaste’ P.S. This is my 636th post. I’m still going for 1,000 🙂

Road Trip

I’m having so much fun with my dear daughter on our road trip to California. She’s so nice to be with. Namaste’  

Unattended Children

This sign was posted on the wall of a winery where my Happy Trails friends and I were wine tasting last Fall. I found it to be quite humorous.  It sure paints a mental picture, doesn’t it?  Namaste’