Paper Camera

Today’s photo is of some tulips on the kitchen table that I shot with my phone, using an app called Paper Camera.  It does all kinds of cool things.  I recommend it highly if you have an android phone.  Namaste’



It’s a Numbers Game

Did you ever notice that numbers are in just about everything?  Calendars, checkbooks, weights and measures, passwords, keyboards, books, rulers, cell phones, e-readers, and of course, calculators, just to name a few.  Do you remember when we had to learn our addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and fractions without the use of a calculator? I remember memorizing and being quizzed on the multiplication tables.  Wow!  The good old days.  Now everyone uses a calculator.  Namaste’



Today’s photo is a simple study in waiting … waiting at the Tucson airport Welcome Lounge for loved ones and friends to de-plane.  Almost everybody was using some sort of electronic device … cell phones, IPads, e-readers.  Namaste’