Tea Parties

As a little girl growing up in Kansas, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. Looking back, I realize just how blessed I was to be able to have them in my life.

Grandpa was the kind of man that every Mother wants her daughter to marry. Kind, loving, strong and yet sensitive. We spent many evenings together on the front porch swing, just rocking and talking. Oh, how I miss his wisdom now.

For Christmas one year, Grandma and Grandpa gave me a china tea set. It had pink roses and I just loved it. Every day I would invite Grandpa to have “tea” with me and he always said yes. Our tea was actually orange juice, his favorite.

When I was taking the image of this rose today, memories of Grandpa having tea with me came flooding back. This is for you, Grandpa, with love.


Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Grandma’s Vase

Today’s photo is a red glass vase that my Grandpa gave my Grandma many, many years ago.  It was the last gift he gave her before he passed away.  She cherished it, my Mom cherished it and now I will.  And someday my daughter and her daughter will as well.

Look close enough and you can see my reflection in the face of the vase.  Namaste’


Iris with Aged Paper effect

It’s Friday so it must be photograph a flower day.  Well, I don’t do it every Friday but it’s fun to bring home a new bouquet of flowers.  They always make me feel good and I love to photograph them. Remember what I said a few posts ago?  Blooms don’t blink!

When I spotted these irises I just had to get them.  They remind me of when I was a little girl living in Kansas.  My grandpa had a green thumb like crazy and created a beautiful bed of irises on the corner of their property.  Each year when they bloomed, he would go out there with me and explain what variety each one was.  I wish I could remember them all, but the important thing is that I have the memory of him and me … together.  I miss you, Grandpa. Thanks for teaching me to love flowers.

He also loved peonies and had them in several colors in front of their house.  Those I didn’t like so much because they always seemed to have ants crawling all over them.  Yikes! Makes me itch right now thinking about it.



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