Throw Back Thursday – Blake

My grandson, Blake, is 18 today. It hardly seems possible.

BalloonsIt’s been said that anyone who takes pictures stops time. That’s exactly what this image does for me. I shot it on his second birthday; a day filled with cake, ice cream, games, balloons and lots of toys from adoring family members. I remember it like it was yesterday. (I’m pretty sure he had more fun with these balloons than anything else that day).

Blake made it a game for me to try to capture him in pictures. If he saw my camera, he would run and hide. So I learned to be rather stealth and sneak up on him … many times to the point of actually chasing him. We had such laughs when I would finally catch up to him and believe me, he was fast! But it was always an adventure and the kind of memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Blake, you’re like your Mom in so many ways, especially your love of adventure. I hope you never lose that. And like she always says … “much love and adventure often.” Happy 18th Birthday.

Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger.



16 Today

It’s my grandson’s 16th birthday today and it’s difficult for me to process that this much time has gone by already.  I didn’t take the top picture of him because he’s in California.  We may be separated by miles but not by memories.  Thought I’d share this handsome young man with all of you.  I love him so much.  (The bottom picture is one I took of him on his second birthday).  Namaste’




Where Did the Last 15 Years Go? To Memories Like These

I’m breaking the rules of my 366 project today because it’s my grandson’s 15th birthday, and I want to use a specific picture of him in this post.  I took it with my point & shoot camera back in October of 2010.  He was 13.  It’s important to me for several reasons:

  1. From the time he could walk, he would run away from me every time I brought out the camera so it was tough to get good pictures of him.  I had to be very fast on my feet and even faster with the shutter.  It became a game for us.  One day I chased him about a half mile.  (I was younger then and he was definitely worth it).  Now he’s a lot taller than me and I’m sure I couldn’t catch up with his long legs.
  2. When he was only three he came to spend a few days with me and Gramps (without his Mom and Dad) on his first trip away from home.  Every night I would lie down with him and read a story, and when I asked him which one he wanted, it was always the same … Toy Story.  He loved that book so much!  We laughed every night when I said, “Oh, no, not Woody again!”  Then I would read the book and he would fall asleep with his head on my shoulder.
  3. When I took this particular picture, I related the story to him. He smiled, didn’t say a word and posed for me.  What a miracle!
  4. The look in his eyes speaks volumes to me.
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!  I love you and miss you tons!
My "Woody"